Nursing Home Abuses

Nursing Home Abuses

What Is Abuse in a Nursing Home?

Nursing homes are beginning to become more wide spread within America. The baby boomer generation is now reaching the age where needing extra assistance throughout their day is becoming a necessity, meaning that more and more boomers will enter these homes as time goes on. With roughly 40% of United States adults needing or planning to move to a nursing home facility as they age, America is quickly running out of space in their facilities, necessitating more of these facilities to be built to accommodate the rising numbers. With these homes being needed now more than ever, those who want to work in these facilities will have a guaranteed job for quite some time, which for some workers can justify their behavior towards their patients.

While not all homes suffer from abusive staff, there are homes which do, or have staff who does not perform their tasks to the best of their abilities, which can end up affecting patients physically and mentally. When patients at nursing homes are abused, their quality of life suffers, and they can often find themselves depressed and suffering to thrive. Those who are abused at these facilities should seek the guidance and counsel of a personal injury lawyer who can help them get to a better facility with better treatment and can help them thrive again in their later years.

Examples of Abuse in Nursing Homes

Abuse comes in many forms. While some abuse is physical and obvious, other abuses are subtle and can take time to notice. Some of the abuses seen in nursing homes include:

Medication errors: When a nursing home consistently does not give a patient the right medication or any medication that they need, this is a form of abuse. Patients who are prescribed medication often need to take their prescriptions daily, or serious health issues can occur. Patients who take medicines for their heart, their blood pressure, their kidneys, or for mental health cannot miss doses, and so homes that do not care enough to get their patient’s medicine to them is abusing them.

Not resolving conflicts amongst residents: As nursing homes grow more full, the residents can often feel cramped and become territorial. These feelings can lead to arguments and other fights, which can become increasingly violent if not addressed. When staff at nursing homes do not handle these fights, they assist in creating a hostile environment where others can be hurt or abused, thereby being abusive themselves.

Not responding to distress calls: When a patient is in need of help, they call the staff. This help can be minor at times, but other times it’s serious and needs to be addressed quickly. When staff ignore these calls, they allow for patients to be in pain or to be panicked, which is abusive and cruel.

East Coast Personal Injury Lawyers

When an aged relative enters a nursing home, there is an expectation of care and well-being that should be upheld by the family of that relative. When a patient in a nursing home is abused, legal action must be taken to not only rectify the abuse and stop it, but to also have the abuser known for their actions to help stop this from happening to another patient. If you’ve had a loved one suffer from the hands of an abusive caretaker at a nursing home, call MetroLaw.comtoday. We have lawyers who have handled abuse cases in the past, and who know what to do to help you and your family with your case now. Call to speak with our lawyers today at (800) – 469 – 6476.