Nutley, NJ – Pedestrian Struck by Vehicle, Injured on Franklin Ave

Nutley, NJ – Pedestrian Struck by Vehicle, Injured on Franklin Ave

Nutley, NJ (October 3, 2023) – A pedestrian suffered injuries when she was hit by a car in Nutley on September 25. Responders were dispatched to the scene a short time after it happened to render aid to the injured victim. 

Reports from authorities show the collision took place on the northern end of Franklin Avenue. Police report that the driver was backing up when they struck the woman, who fell and hit her head. 

The female victim was transported to the hospital where she received treatment for her injuries. At this time, she has not been identified. 

Police are still working to figure out the cause of the accident. 

We hope for the full recovery of the injured victim.

New Jersey Pedestrian Collisions

 Nutley, NJ - Pedestrian Struck by Vehicle, Injured on Franklin Ave Pedestrians become involved in traffic accidents frequently. A large percentage of the time, they suffer injuries that are severe and even debilitating. Yearly, over 5,000 people lose their lives in traffic collisions in the United States. In the state of New Jersey, numerous pedestrians are injured in auto collisions that take place each year. 

When you are traveling as a pedestrian, either walking or riding a bike or scooter, is is vital to pay attention to your surroundings and keep an eye out for drivers. Additionally, you should wear light or even reflective clothing and potentially have some sort of light if you are traveling at night. It is important to always make eye contact with drivers if you are attempting to cross the road and stay aware, sober, and alert. Motorists should also do the same while behind the wheel in terms of remaining alert, sober, and aware and staying on the lookout for pedestrians on the sidewalks and the roadways. 

Unfortunately, the majority of the pedestrian collisions that take place in New York and throughout the nation are preventable. Over 51% of reported pedestrian collisions in the United States are caused by the actions of distracted drivers. When we consider that of the 5,000 pedestrians who lose their lives yearly in American traffic accidents, the majority are killed due to negligent driving, it is plain to see that drivers need to be more mindful while behind the wheel.

When you or someone in your family has suffered injuries in a traffic collision caused by a negligent driver, you may be stuck in the hospital with painful injuries while you attempt to recover. Also, you may be unable to go to work and get the money you need to cover all of the expenses that stem from your crash. This can be stressful and overwhelming to deal with, especially if you are on your own. A pedestrian accident attorney in Nutley can help you collect financial compensation for the losses and damages that have stemmed from your collision.

Call our reputable and experienced personal injury law firm at  (800) 469-6476 at your earliest convenience to schedule a free case evaluation.  Our firm works on contingency, so you don’t have to pay us anything unless you are awarded financial compensation for your injuries and losses.