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Construction accidents can cause confusion for the victim and the victim’s family. Workers’ compensation benefits are usually readily available and often cover all needed medical care and income needs. The question arises — if I am receiving workers’ compensation benefits, am I eligible for further compensation? And from whom?
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Common Construction Accidents

Our attorneys represent clients who have been injured in a variety of accidents on construction sites, and the family members of fatal accident/wrongful death victims:

  • Falls from scaffolding
  • Falls from ladders
  • Being struck by heavy objects
  • Falling objects
  • OSHA violations
  • Forklift and crane accidents
  • Equipment malfunctions

Third-Party Liability In Construction Accidents

In a construction accident claim, you are often barred from suing your employer under workers’ compensation laws. However, you are often able to recover damages from negligent third parties. For instance, negligent or careless general contractors can be legally held responsible for damages. For example, if a plumbing contractor is injured by a roofing contractor, the plumbing contractor most likely cannot sue his employer but can sue the roofing company.

Case Examples

Personal injury lawyer Robert Solomon has successfully recovered damages in construction accident cases, including:

  • Our client was a dock builder who, while setting a foundation and pouring cement, was buried in a cave-in caused by another company that was driving piles nearby. Our client suffered a broken leg and shoulder. We sued the company that caused the cave-in, and won a $1.5 million award for our client and his family.
  • Our client was injured on the job while working on a dock on the pier. A ferryboat entered the terminal at a speed higher than the posted maximum and struck the pier. Our client injured his arm, and we sued the owner of the ferry, achieving a $500,000 resolution for our client.
  • Our client’s husband was severely burned when a pipeline he was welding at a terminal port exploded. He later died. On behalf of our client, we sued the company that owned the pipeline. Our client will receive $2.5 million over 30 years.

Each case is unique, and results will vary depending on the facts of each case.

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