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Handling All Types Of Medical Malpractice Cases

Our attorneys at the Newark, New Jersey, and New York offices of MetroLaw.Com have the experience to know that medical malpractice or medical negligence takes many forms. But the common thread is that the people trusted to care for the patient are responsible for serious harm that could have been avoided.

Our lawyers have been very successful at holding doctors, nurses, hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacists and other health care providers accountable for medical mistakes or negligent care.

Proven Results In Medical Malpractice Claims

We handle all types of medical malpractice claims:

  • Failure to diagnose — Emergency room staff or family doctors overlook telltale signs of cancer or other issues or fail to follow up on patient complaints.
  • Birth injuries — Infants die or suffer a severe brain injury due to lack of oxygen if the physician fails to order a cesarean birth (C-section) in time, or due to insufficient monitoring of the fetus or newborn. Cerebral palsy and Erb’s palsy are lifelong disabilities resulting from birth injuries.
  • Surgery errors — Surgeons operate on the wrong leg or wrong disc, accidentally sever an artery or nerve, or leave objects behind, causing paralysis, disability, life-threatening injury or death.
  • Prescription errors — Doctors order the wrong medication, or more commonly the pharmacist fills the prescription improperly, causing injury.
  • Nursing home negligence — Residents of nursing homes are injured in falls due to lack of restraints or proper support, or patients suffer injury or death through neglect or intentional acts.

Expert Testimony— We Get The Best

Proving medical malpractice or medical negligence requires very good experts who can testify that the hospital or physician failed to provide the standard of care or made a mistake that caused the injury. See our malpractice law firm in: Clifton, Jersey City, Newark, Paterson and Elizabeth

Failure To Diagnose | Surgery Errors | Prescription Errors

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