Attorneys Handling Erb’s Palsy Injuries

Erb’s palsy (also called brachial plexus palsy, Erb-Duchenne palsy, torticollis and shoulder dystocia) is a nerve injury that results from damage to the brachial plexus nerves. These are a series of nerves that travel from the spinal cord into the arm. Erb’s palsy affects the movement of a child’s shoulder, arm and hand. The injury occurs during birth when the delivering physician exerts excessive force on the baby’s head and neck during a vaginal birth. The resulting damage leaves the child with little or no movement in the arm, hand or fingers.

Additionally, strength and size of the arm may be affected. This can have devastating consequences throughout the child’s life. Many babies with Erb’s palsy injuries are larger than average at birth. However, newborns of all sizes, including premature babies, can have these injuries. Erb’s palsy occurs in about one or two babies in 1,000 at birth. Many doctors believe Erb’s palsy should never occur. It is for that reason you should contact the medical malpractice attorneys at the law firm of MetroLaw.Com if you have a child diagnosed with Erb’s palsy. We have an office in Newark, New Jersey, and in New York for your convenience.

What Are The Symptoms Of Erb’s Palsy?

A baby with a brachial plexus injury usually holds his or her limp arm down by this side with the forearm turned inward and wrist bent. Erb’s palsy symptoms can include a loss of feeling or control in the arm. The child may have difficulty using their arm or shoulder. There may be paralysis or atrophy of the deltoid, the biceps and the brachialis muscles. The arm on the affected side may hang loosely with the elbow extended and the forearm pronated. If your child has any of the symptoms of Erb’s palsy, you should talk to our legal team to find out if you are entitled to monetary damages for your child’s injury.

A History Of Obtaining Results For Children Suffering From Erb’s Palsy

Our lawyers have obtained large settlements for victims of Erb’s palsy and shoulder dystocia. We are familiar with the medical causes of Erb’s palsy, as well as the issues families face when grappling with this problem.

We can obtain the medical and delivery records relating to your child’s birth and review them with a board-certified obstetrician or gynecologist. Birth records for children with Erb’s palsy usually describe a difficult delivery, a large baby and a birth that occurred traditionally and not via cesarean section. Once we obtain evidence of medical malpractice leading to Erb’s palsy, we can work to pursue financial damages in court or through negotiation and settlement.

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