Failure To Diagnose

Taking Action After A Failure To Diagnose

It is hard to foresee all the medical problems you are going to encounter in your life. That is why you have a doctor. It is the job of your physician to help you through any difficulties you may be experiencing and take proper preventive measures for any medical concerns that you are likely to encounter. The failure to diagnose a disease or disorder can have grave consequences.

At the New Jersey and New York law offices of MetroLaw.Com, our firm helps the victims of medical malpractice get the proper medical care they need and financial compensation they deserve. For over 30 years, our attorneys have taken on tough cases against negligent members of the medical community, including doctors, nurses and nursing homes.

Failure To Diagnose And Misdiagnosis

One of the most common medical malpractice problems is the misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose cancer. It can happen for a number of reasons. Your doctor may fail to see certain symptoms and as a result never order the test that would determine your condition. In other cases, a doctor may order the right test, but fail to properly read the results.

  • The damage done by the failure to diagnose cancer depends greatly on the type of cancer, but it is damaging in every instance. Whether you have breast cancer, bone cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer or another type of cancer, you have every right to take action if a failure to misdiagnose has done serious damage to your health.
  • The failure to diagnose is dangerous for any disease or disorder, not just cancer. From appendicitis to diverticulitis, when a disorder goes unchecked, you could lose your chance to find a proper solution. What your doctor says is heartburn or indigestion could turn out to be Angina or heart disease. Meningitis is too often diagnosed as a common flu.
  • The failure to diagnose is not just a problem with general physicians. While they may be under a lot of pressure, emergency rooms are equally responsible for making proper readings and diagnoses. From a fracture going unnoticed to the misdiagnosis of catastrophic injuries, we can help you hold negligent emergency room personnel responsible for their mistakes.

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