Nursing Home Negligence

Nursing Home Negligence Attorneys in New York and New Jersey

Every year, tens of thousands of families across New York and New Jersey turn to nursing homes to provide quality care for their loved ones. Quite often, families select nursing homes to tend to sick and elderly loved ones, as well as those recovering from injury accidents. Nursing homes routinely provide assistance for families on both a short-term and long-term basis.

Although families expect that their loved ones are provided quality care, this is not always the case. Every year, thousands of people in nursing homes are subjected to some form of abuse. One of the leading causes of injuries and accidents in nursing homes is a form of negligence. Being provided negligent care can have a detrimental impact on a patient’s health and wellbeing. In some cases, patients have to go through surgery and suffer life-altering consequences. If you or a loved one is neglected in a nursing home, it is crucial that you reach out to a nursing home negligence attorney as soon as possible. You may be entitled to compensation to help cover the mental, physical, and financial consequences you or your loved one are forced to endure.

We at Metro Law strive to help victims of nursing home negligence protect their legal rights. No one should be forced to endure overwhelming mental, physical, and emotional consequences due to the negligent and careless actions of others. We understand the suffering and anguish victims and their families are forced to endure. This drives our team to work exceptionally hard to ensure wrongdoers are held accountable for their actions. We provide an array of services to help victims recover after being harmed. Contact our nursing home negligence attorneys in New York and New Jersey to see how we can help you.

Protecting The Victims Of Nursing Home Negligence

When we entrust a nursing home or other long-term care facility with the care of our elder family members and other loved ones, we expect, and our loved ones deserve, excellent and attentive care.

If you need nursing home negligence representation, contact Metro Law for a free consultation with experienced nursing home abuse lawyers. When nursing homes fail to follow guidelines and when staff members abuse the laws that are in place to protect residents, serious injury can result.

You may have a legal claim if your loved is experiencing any of the following:

Bedsores And Pressure Sores

Sores can result from a failure to assist residents in turning over regularly in bed. They are often painful, and, in the worst cases, they may result in the amputation of legs and arms. Bedsores and pressure sores are always preventable if patients receive proper care and attention.

Bedsores Resulting From Nursing Home Negligence

There are so many little things that can go wrong for a loved one in a nursing home. You have to keep a careful eye on things like bedsores, which may sound like a minor problem, but can become serious issues very quickly. If your loved one has developed bedsores or pressure ulcers, they are likely not getting the attentive care they deserve and rightfully expect.

The Dangers Of Bedsores

Bedsores are always the result of a nursing home and caretakers failing to provide adequate care. Adequate mattresses must be provided and patients must be turned in bed regularly in order to avoid sores. Nursing homes are aware of the dangers of bedsores, and they know what must be done in order to prevent them.

Many people do not realize the dangers of untreated bedsores. If a diabetic patient suffers pressure ulcers, they could develop gangrene and suffer amputation. Bedsores that go unchecked can become infected, eat away at bones, and, in some cases, be deadly.

It is the responsibility of a nursing home to monitor these symptoms and do everything they can to prevent bedsores and similar concerns. If the negligence of your loved one’s nursing home has led to bedsores that caused catastrophic injuries, your family has every right to seek compensation and hold them responsible.


Malnutrition can occur in abuse situations but most often occurs from a lack of proper monitoring of the food intake of residents.

Handling Malnutrition and Dehydration Resulting from Neglect

A nursing home is supposed to be a safe environment where residents are provided with a safe facility in which to live. When basic standards of living are not met, you and your family have every right to take action. There is no excuse for malnutrition or dehydration in a nursing home, but major oversights by negligent staff can lead to these conditions and cause serious personal injuries.

If your loved one has not received the attentive and high-quality care they deserve at their nursing home, you can seek compensation for their injuries. At Metro Law, our attorneys have been protecting New Jersey and New York victims of nursing home negligence for decades.

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Malnutrition and dehydration are completely and totally preventable with basic oversight and care. If your loved one has been the victim of malnutrition or dehydration, it is most likely the result of a failure to notice what is happening by nursing home staff. Indicators such as weight loss and blood tests should be regularly monitored and conducted.
When nursing homes monitor for conditions, there are things they can do to fix these types of problems. They can provide more water and even provide nutrient by IV, if necessary. If the symptoms of dehydration and malnutrition go unnoticed and untreated, they can cause serious and even catastrophic personal injuries.
Sadly, in many cases, it is the family of residents who first notices when there is a problem. Sometimes, a child of a patient may notice the signs of dehydration when their parent is near death and little can be done to save them. There is no excuse for this negligence and clear lack of proper care.

Physical Abuse

One of the most tragic of nursing home injuries, abuse can occur sporadically or regularly and systematically. Lack of adequate management of staff can contribute to the extent of physical abuse.

Helping Victims Of Physical Abuse In Nursing Homes

Sometimes a nursing home injury is more than just an accident or a case of negligence. If your loved one suffered a nursing home injury as the victim of physical abuse, it is abundantly clear that they have not received the excellent and attentive care they deserve. Your family has every right to take action, get proper medical care and seek just compensation.
There is no excuse for physical abuse at a nursing home, and at the law offices of MetroLaw.Com, our lawyers are dedicated to protecting the victims of this abuse from our office in Newark, New Jersey, and in New York. With over 30 years of personal injury and trial experience, we are ready to protect your family during this difficult time and stand up to nursing home negligence.

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Physical abuse in nursing homes is all too common and, in most cases, it is the result of poor training, poor staffing, and poor supervision. It is the responsibility of your nursing home to properly monitor their staff, as well as their patients. Poor practices in both hiring and management can lead to dangerous situations for residents in any number of ways.

Physical abuse is often the result of staff members’ high frustration level, but that is no excuse. No amount of frustration with patients or fellow staff members could ever rightly justify a staff member using excessive force to restrain a resident.

Incidents involving staff members are not the only type of physical abuse in nursing homes. Altercations and incidents of physical abuse also occur between fellow residents. Poor supervision of patients can allow for these types of problems and, as a result, patients can suffer broken bones, legs, ribs, and in some cases catastrophic injuries.

Failure To Restrain

Residents and patients who are unable to walk properly often need to be monitored in order to prevent falls that could cause broken bones and fractured hips. Failure to restrain can also result in “eloping,” which is the term used when patients leave a care facility without permission and without the facility’s knowledge.

Nursing Home Matters: Elopement and Failure to Restrain

If your loved one was able to take care of themselves properly, they would not have to live in a nursing home. It is the responsibility of nursing homes and similar facilities to monitor patients and provide them with the safest possible environment. The failure to restrain patients can lead to dangerous wandering and elopement, and potentially dangerous injuries.

You have every right to hold a nursing home responsible for its negligence. At the law offices of Metro Law, our lawyers have decades of experience protecting the rights of personal injury victims and their families in Newark, New Jersey, and New York. We can help you take action if nursing home negligence and failure to restrain led to your loved one’s serious injuries.

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Nursing homes understand that it is their responsibility to restrain and monitor certain patients. There is a reason certain patients must be contained in certain areas. The failure to restrain these patients almost always puts them in dangerous situations where they could be seriously hurt.

Oftentimes, nursing homes do not have enough people to watch their patients. It is the responsibility of the nursing home to provide the appropriate level of staff needed to watch their residents.

Elopement could lead to a patient wandering off the premises and being injured outside. In other cases, a resident may be injured while walking around different areas of the nursing home. These situations can lead to dangerous slip-and-fall accidents, causing broken bones, hips, and other catastrophic injuries.

Staff must keep residents restrained within their best capabilities. If your loved one has been injured after wandering off under inadequate supervision, you can take action against the nursing home for their injuries.

Protect Your Loved Ones

No one should ever be neglected while under the care of nurses and other staff members in nursing homes. These facilities are designed to provide care to patients around the clock, whenever necessary, and it is crucial that those who rely on these services do receive the level of care they expect. Alzheimer’s patients, the victims of brain trauma, and other elderly individuals often need care equivalent to the care required by an infant. Some are unable to control outbursts, demands, and crying. Staff and management must have controls in place to prevent abuse and negligence.

Thousands of people in nursing homes suffer overwhelming consequences every year as a result of being neglected. Quite often, nurses and other staff members take advantage of the vulnerability of patients. As a result, many people suffer devastating consequences that impact them mentally, physically, and financially. When victims are injured as a result of negligence in nursing homes, it is crucial that they seek legal assistance from a qualified and respected attorney at Metro Law as soon as possible.

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