Premises Liability Injuries

Have You Been Injured Due To Commercial Property Owner Negligence in New York or New Jersey?

Every day, millions of people across our state head out to visit the homes and businesses of others. Whether you are going to a store to make a purchase, to a hall for an event, or over to a friend’s home for a gathering, it is imperative that the property is safe and will allow you to safely engage in the activities you intend to. Business owners have a duty to maintain their property in a manner that does not threaten the safety of clients, visitors, or passerby. Regrettably, tens of thousands of people are injured as a result of negligent property owners.

When victims sustain injuries on the property of others, they are often forced to undergo extensive medical treatment. Not only are victims left with unbearable pain, but they often face substantial medical bills as a result of their injuries. To make matters even more difficult to deal with, many people have to spend weeks or even months off work as they recover from their injuries. Many people fail to realize that they have various legal avenues available to help them obtain compensation to cover various costs they face moving forward. If you have been injured due to a property owner’s negligence in a shopping center, grocery store, or any other commercial establishment, talk to an attorney to determine if you have a premises liability claim.

The premises liability attorneys at Metro Law in New York and New Jersey have decades of experience helping victims protect their legal rights after being harmed at the business commercial properties throughout the state. Our team provides aggressive and effective representation to ensure our clients are able to obtain full and fair compensation for their injuries. Our office location in Newark and in New York, the lawyers and staff of MetroLaw.Com represent clients who have been injured on the commercial property while pursuing civil actions against those at-fault. For a free consultation to discuss your legal options, call 973-344-6587. Our attorneys are available to meet with you at your earliest convenience to review the circumstances surrounding your accident and to help determine the best route to get you justice.

What is Commercial Premises Liability in New Jersey?

Regardless of the type of property a person owns or manages, they are required by law to maintain a property in a way that ensures the safety and wellbeing of others. This involves removing hazards and notifying people in a timely and effective manner about any potential issues or damage on a property. When a person visiting the property sustains injuries as a result of a manager or owner’s failure to take ample action to prevent hazards, they can be held liable.

In New Jersey and New York, victims are able to file legal claims in civil court against negligent commercial property owners. These legal claims help those harmed collect compensation to help cover various costs they face moving forward. Some of the damages our team at Metro Law helps our clients obtain full and fair compensation for include:

  • The costs of all current and future medical costs related to their injuries
  • The costs of long-term care facilities, medications, medical equipment, and more
  • Lost wages resulting from taking time off work for medical treatment and appointments
  • Lost earnings and benefits for people forced out of work indefinitely as a result of their injuries
  • Loss of consortium for those left with permanent pain conditions
  • And more

When victims pass away as a result of commercial property actions, or attorneys fight on behalf of bereaved families to ensure they are able to collect compensation for funeral services and various other end-of-life expenses they face. Working with a skilled and knowledgeable commercial property liability attorney at Metro Law will ensure you are in the best position possible to get the justice you deserve after being harmed as a result of a negligent property owner. Contact our team as soon as possible to see how we can help you.

Examples Of Commercial Premises Liability

Business owners have a duty to maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition. If a commercial property owner allows a dangerous property condition to exist, they can be held responsible for injuries resulting from the condition. MetroLaw.Com routinely represents clients who have been injured in the following types of commercial premises liability accidents:

Dangerous sidewalks: When sidewalks are uneven, broken, or not taken care of, it can lead to devastating slip, trip, and fall accidents.

Dangerous staircases: It is crucial that staircases are stable, intact, have an adequate railing, and are safe to use. Dangerous staircases can lead to fall accidents that have a life-altering impact on victims.

Objects falling from store shelves: When items are not properly secured on top of shelving, they can fall and strike customers and other guests.

Animal attacks: There are many instances where animals attack guests and other invited parties on a property. The owners of the animals, the property owner, and various other parties may be liable for the injuries or damages received by the victim.

Exposure to toxic chemicals: If a manager or property owner uses specific cleaning supplies that can cause a person to get sick, the sick party may have legal options available to help them move forward.

Slip, trip, and fall accidents: These accidents are the most common when it comes to premises liability cases. Hazardous situations like ice or snow on walkways, chipped or broken flooring, and other obstacles can lead to life-altering injuries.

Accidents resulting from inadequate security or lighting:

There are differences in commercial premises liability law in New York and New Jersey. If you have been injured in any business or commercial building in New York or New Jersey, we can explain the state-specific laws that apply to your injury case and help you explore your options.

Are Ice And Snow Injuries Your Fault?

As the weather takes a turn for the worse, roads, sidewalks and stairs become more and more dangerous. Every year, people in New York and New Jersey suffer serious injuries in accidents caused by ice and snow. If you have been injured in a slip and fall or car accident this winter, you can take action to receive the compensation you deserve.
At the law firm of MetroLaw.Com, we have been helping personal injury victims from our offices in Newark and New York for over 30 years. Property owners and businesses have a responsibility to maintain a safe environment, especially when ice and snow cause, particularly bad conditions. Another party may be responsible for your injuries, even if you believe it was an unavoidable accident.

Injured as a Result of Negligent Security?

It is crucial that the property is safe for guests. A major part of ensuring the safety of customers and other guests is taking actions to ensure adequate security measures are in place. These measures become particularly crucial for property owners in high-crime areas. Some ways property owners can ensure the safety of others include”:

  • Ensuring an adequate security system is in place
  • Installing security cameras
  • Providing ample lighting to people inside and outside of the property
  • Have security guards on-site

If you were attacked or assaulted on a commercial property, and you believe negligence played a role in you being harmed, it is crucial that you seek legal guidance as soon as possible. Our premises liability attorneys at Metro Law have extensive experience helping our clients get the justice and compensation they deserve.

What to Do if You Are Injured on a Commercial Property

Being involved in an accident can have an overwhelming impact on your life. Not only are you left to face long-term consequences, but the immediate impacts can be devastating as well. Many victims are left with excruciating pain. Quite often, victims are rushed to area hospitals and have to go through extensive medical treatment. Although the circumstances of your accident may have a drastic impact on your ability to act quickly and perform various tasks at the scene, it is crucial that you take several steps to protect your legal rights.

First, you will need to gather evidence from the scene of the accident. Take photos, or have a friend. You will need to have pictures that show what contributed to your accident. If there was a broken or wet floor, take pictures that clearly show the problem. Record a video as well to give a complete view of where the accident happened as well as the surrounding area.

Next, you will need to gather information from witnesses and the property owner. Taking the names and gather contact information from those who saw your accident will ensure you are able to reach out to them for a witness statement or testimony should you need it. You will need to get the insurance information from the property owner to ensure you are able to get the compensation you need and deserve.

Seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Even if you do not feel any pain immediately after your accident, it is crucial that you are examined by a doctor as soon as possible. This can help to record any issues you may be having and look for injuries that progressively worsen over time.

Finally, you should seek the legal guidance of a knowledgeable legal team At Metro Law, our team provides aggressive and trusted representation to ensure our clients are in the best position possible to protect their legal rights moving forward. Contact our commercial property accident attorneys after your New York or New Jersey accident to see how we can help you.

What Are Property Owners’ Responsibilities?

In winter conditions, the chances of an accident become more and more likely. In New York and New Jersey, both landowners and commercial tenants are equally responsible for removing snow and ice from sidewalks, paths, and stairways. The same rules apply to businesses and municipal buildings. Our lawyers are ready and willing to take cases against commercial entities and individuals if they have acted negligently regarding snow and ice removal.
Laws vary for residential buildings. In New York, residents of one-family homes have some responsibility to properly maintain a safe property. In New Jersey, single-family homes have no responsibility to clean walks during bad conditions.
Whether you have suffered a catastrophic injury or just a simple fracture, if your accident was caused by ice and snow, you can take action to protect your rights. We will help you get the proper medical care you need.

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Being injured on a commercial property can have a devastating impact on a person’s health and wellbeing. Quite often, victims face life-altering consequences that continue to impact their lives indefinitely. Regardless of the type of commercial property you were injured on, it is crucial that you seek legal guidance as soon as possible. You may have legal options available to help you recover compensation that you need to alleviate the economic and non-economic damages you face moving forward. Seeking the assistance of a reputable premises liability attorney in New Jersey will ensure you are able to get the justice you rightfully deserve and the compensation you need to move forward.

We at Metro Law have over four decades of experience fighting to protect the legal rights of victims in Newark and throughout New Jersey, after they are harmed in accidents on commercial properties. Our team provides trusted and effective legal representation to ensure you are able to prove how the negligence of a commercial property owner led to your injuries and damages. If you have been injured on a commercial property, it is imperative that you seek legal guidance as soon as possible. To speak to a commercial premises liability lawyer in Newark, please contact us online, or call 973-344-6587. We offer a free initial consultation in personal injury cases.