Residential Premises Liability

Handling Residential Premises Liability Cases in New York & New Jersey

If you have suffered an injury due to property owner negligence, you may have a premises liability claim. Residential premises liability laws differ between New York and New Jersey, and homeowners in each state hold different levels of responsibility for accidents that happen on their property.
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Have You Been Injured On Another Person’s Private Property?

A homeowner has a responsibility to warn guests of known dangerous conditions that are not open and obvious. At MetroLaw.Com, our attorneys and staff represent people who have been injured in an accident in another person’s house:

  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Broken stairs
  • Uneven floors
  • Swimming pool drownings
  • Dog bites

What Duty Of Care Does The Homeowner Have?

The homeowner’s duty of care depends on the victim’s status on that property. The victim can be a:

  • Business invitee who is there for the mutual economic benefit of both parties
  • Social visitor who is there by invitation and not for the owner’s economic benefit
  • Illegal trespasser who is on the premises without permission

Generally, the property owner owes the highest duty of care to the business invitee, and the lowest to the trespasser. For more detailed information about the homeowner duty of care, contact a lawyer.

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