Physical Abuse in Nursing Homes

Physical Abuse in Nursing Homes

Statistics of Nursing Home Abuse

Through the amazing world of medicine, people are living to new and older ages anyone thought possible even thirty years ago. Living to be 80-years-old or so is expected in 2019, with our longevity only getting better as time goes on. With this longevity, though, comes the need to have ourselves looked after and cared for as we age, which means in-home nurse aides, assisted living homes, and finally, nursing homes. As we age, it’s important that we find the best options so that we will thrive until our final days, and sometimes, that is in a nursing home.

Unfortunately, like our life expectancy compared to thirty years ago, nursing homes today have changed as well. Today, nursing homes are overcrowded, understaffed, and full of workers who do not have the best intentions for their patients. In a truly upsetting set of statistics, it was found that more than 40% of residents in these homes have reported abuse, while 90% report that they themselves or another resident of the home have been neglected. Abuse can cover a large range of acts, but physical abuse is some of the worst a patient can endure, as their bodies are frailer than ever before. These abuses are, unfortunately, not always caught early, or caught at all, which means that those in these homes are at risk of being seriously hurt or killed due to the actions of those who should be caring for them.

Nursing home abuses are unjust and dangerous, and if you believe your loved one is suffering due to these abuses, call a personal injury lawyer today to help get your loved one the compensation they need.

How Physical Abuse Can Look in Nursing Homes

Abuse can take many forms, including physical forms of abuse. In nursing homes, physical abuse can appear in many ways, including:

Using restraints illegally: Restraints are in nursing homes to help keep patients safe in certain situations. These restraints, however, are not supposed to be used for long periods of time, and should never be used unless absolutely required. When nursing home staff decides to use restraints as a way to control patients, it is a form of abuse, and one that can end up causing serious injuries.

Neglect: When a patient is neglected, it can mean a number of things. When a patient is not fed enough, clothed properly, given enough showers, or attended to the proper amount during the day, these are all forms of neglect, which is physical abuse. Often, this abuse is not something staff intends, but rather it happens because there is not enough staff on hand to help out. Still, neglect can lead to poorer health, and so this behavior should be looked for by loved ones.

Using unnecessary medication: Overmedicating patients in nursing homes is an unfortunately common issue that many families are unaware of. This act is meant to make patients easier to control and manage by staff, but it decreases their quality of life, and can often cause them to have more health problems than what they had before. Always check you loved one’s mental state when they are in a nursing home. Any sudden changes can suggest overmedication, which should be addressed quickly.

East Coast Nursing Home Resident Lawyers

Nursing homes should be a place of peace and health for our loved ones. When they are instead a place of hostility and suffering, they can cause our loved ones to be ill and injured. If someone you love has suffered physical abuse at a nursing home, call the lawyers at the Law Offices of Robert A. Solomon of Metro Law for help. Our team will fight against the nursing home who hurt your loved one and seek the justice you need and deserve. Our team is waiting to hear from you, so call us today at (800) 469-6476.