Police say driver was drunk in Rockaway Township hit-run fatal

Police say driver was drunk in Rockaway Township hit-run fatal

New Jersey law requires drivers to stop after being involved in a motor vehicle accident. Unfortunately, not all drivers follow the law. Many are later apprehended and will generally face criminal charges. But, a criminal case may not provide an accident victim, or the family of a victim, with complete relief.

Police apprehended a man Monday in relation to a horrible accident in Rockaway Township, New Jersey, that was reported late Sunday night. A pedestrian was struck and killed along Route 46 just before Midnight. The driver involved in the fatal pedestrian accident fled the scene, according to New Jersey authorities.

It did not take long for New Jersey State Police to locate a disabled vehicle on Route 80 East. Troopers say that the vehicle had significant damage. After investigating the disabled vehicle, State Police investigators concluded that the damage to the front of the car linked the car to the Rockaway Township pedestrian accident.

Law enforcement arrested a 26-year-old Rockaway Township man. Authorities believe that he may have been under the influence. The man is charged with a number of crimes related to the fatal accident. He is also accused of drunk driving.

Unfortunately, drunk drivers cause far too many accidents. Many commentators recognize that drunk driving is avoidable. Drunk driving car accidents are recognized as among the most tragic of events. Families can be devastated by the senseless of the driver’s negligence. Finding support, including the assistance of legal counsel, is important for victims of a drunk driver.

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