Prompt Medical Visits Are Essential Following a New York Trucking Accident

Prompt Medical Visits Are Essential Following a New York Trucking Accident

It is no great surprise that victims of high-speed tractor-trailer collisions often suffer catastrophic injuries and oftentimes need emergency medical attention at the crash site. If you only sustained seemingly insignificant injuries, however, you might feel safe in delaying scheduling an appointment for a medical evaluation or choose to skip it altogether. Regrettably, neglecting to solicit medical attention promptly after an accident can hurt your odds of seeing a successful outcome to your personal injury claim.

Listed below are some reasons why it is absolutely imperative that you see a doctor after you have been involved in a collision with a tractor-trailer:

Certain Injuries Do Not Show Signs At First

Prompt Medical Visits Are Essential Following a New York Trucking Accident

Even if you feel okay after your accident, you might still be experiencing an injury that is known to be slow in its expression of symptoms. For instance, the consequences of a whiplash injury could take a full day or even longer to show, and if you are bleeding internally it might not become obvious for a few days. If you sustained a hit to your head, it might be a few weeks before you become aware of any indications that you have suffered a traumatic brain injury. Getting an immediate medical evaluation and attention will go a long way towards improving your prognosis.

Victims Have an Obligation to Alleviate Their Losses

If you plan on filing a claim for personal injury following an accident involving a tractor-trailer, you have a legal obligation to take sensible actions to try to decrease your losses. In other words, you are expected to make an effort to reduce your lost wages, your medical expenses, and other financial obligations as well. Should you neglect to do so, your insurance carrier will quite probably claim that you need to be found at least partly responsible for your own losses. Getting a medical evaluation directly after your accident and abiding by your physician’s directions will help you circumvent this kind of unnecessary conflict.

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