Queens, N.Y. – Off Duty Officer Saves Life of Motorcyclist on Brooklyn-Queens Expressway

Queens, N.Y. – Off Duty Officer Saves Life of Motorcyclist on Brooklyn-Queens Expressway

Queens, N.Y. (February 7, 2019) – An officer in Queens on her way to work saved the life of a motorcyclist who was injured from a hit-and-run accident Thursday morning. The hit-and-run New York accident happened Thursday morning when a red tractor trailer with no license plate hit a motorcyclist on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway near Exit 43 in Woodside, leaving the injured woman at the scene.

After the accident, Officer Mandeep Kaur of the 114th Precinct in Astoria spotted the motorcyclist as she drove to work. Officer Kaur stopped and helped the motorcyclist into her vehicle, calling her colleagues to send an ambulance. The motorcyclist mentioned that her arm was going numb, and after a closer look, Kaur noticed the woman was bleeding heavily from a 2-inch wound on the 30-year-old victim’s left arm.

Kaur applied a tourniquet and called to have the ambulance rushed to the scene, with the ambulance arriving about 10 minutes later. The woman was taken to the hospital and is stable condition, with EMT’s saying that Kaur’s quick decision to apply a tourniquet probably saved the victim’s life.

Police are still searching for the tractor trailer at the time of this posting.

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