Queens, NY – 103rd St & Northern Blvd Scene of Injury Pedestrian Crash

Queens, NY – 103rd St & Northern Blvd Scene of Injury Pedestrian Crash

Queens, NY (July 21, 2023) – A pedestrian was hit by a vehicle in Queens on the evening of July 21. At around 5:19 p.m, emergency crews went to the crash site in East Elmhurst to render aid and investigate. 

Sources say the crash happened near the intersection of 103rd Street near Northern Boulevard. The reason the wreck took place is still being investigated by area authorities. 

Paramedics helped the injured victim before transporting them to the hospital for treatment. At this time, the identity of the injured victim has not been reported. 

We hope for the full and fast recovery of the injured victim.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

New York Car Accidents

Queens, NY - 103rd St & Northern Blvd Scene of Injury Pedestrian CrashEach year, car crashes in New York leave thousands of individuals with serious injuries. Regrettably, numerous victims face more than just emotional and physical impacts. Injured parties are often left to deal with difficult financial consequences due to lost wages, medical bills, and various other losses and expenses they face. After being hurt in a crash, it is important that you explore your legal rights and options that are available to help you recover.

After your traffic accident, you may be eligible to recover financial compensation by filing a personal injury lawsuit against the person who caused the crash. By working with a skilled personal injury lawyer, you can create a strong case that will hold the at-fault party responsible for your injuries. Your lawyer will work to negotiate a fair settlement with the at-fault party’s insurance company or take your case to trial if necessary.

In addition to helping you financially recover, filing a personal injury lawsuit can also help bring some closure after a wreck. Knowing that you have taken action to hold the at-fault party accountable can be empowering and help you move on with your life.

In order to win your case and get the financial compensation you need and deserve, you must be able to prove that the defendant displayed negligent behavior while operating the vehicle, and as a result of their negligence, the accident occurred. This could be done by showing that the driver was impaired by drugs or alcohol, speeding, or engaging in another reckless action. Working with a car accident lawyer in Newark can help to ensure that you have the best chance of getting justice after your accident.

Your personal injury attorney will be able to thoroughly investigate your accident and gather the strongest evidence possible. Having a strong case is critical when it comes to helping you get justice following your crash. Our law firm works on contingency which means you pay nothing up front. We offer free consultations and, if you are not able to collect, we do not charge you anything.

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