Queens, NY – Police Respond to Injury Wreck on L.I.E near Maurice Ave

Queens, NY – Police Respond to Injury Wreck on L.I.E near Maurice Ave

Queens, NY (March 21, 2023) – Police were sent to the scene of a car accident in Queens on the evening of March 21 that ended in injuries. Responders were seen at the crash site a short time after it happened at around 7:10 p.m. 

According to information from local reports, the accident occurred on the Long Island Expressway near Maurice Avenue. Vehicles were involved in a crash in the area that caused injuries for at least one person involved.

EMTs were seen rendering aid at the scene. One or more patients were taken to the hospital for treatment as needed. 

The names of the involved parties have not been reported at this time. 

Authorities in Queens continue to investigate

Our thoughts are with those involved. We hope for their full recovery. 

New York Car Accidents

Queens, NY - Police Respond to Injury Wreck on L.I.E near Maurice AveThere are numerous reasons a car crash in New York might occur. New York is a highly populated state, home to millions of people who are licensed drivers. These drivers become involved in hundreds of thousands of auto accidents per year that end in injuries and fatalities. Throughout the country, over 40,000 people lose their lives in car crashes in the United States. Additionally, over 3 million people sustain injuries per year in American auto accidents.

When you sustain an injury in a car accident, you may have to deal with an array of problems after your crash. You may have to go to the doctor a lot, spend time in the hospital, get surgery, etc. Depending on the cause of your accident, you may be eligible to get financial compensation for the damages you face related to your accident. 

Although we wish to believe that all drivers keep the best interests of others in mind, this is not always the case. In fact, distracted driving, reckless driving, impairment, and other negligent actions account for over 90% of all crashes annually. Many people involved in accidents are left with life-changing injuries that force them into area hospitals. Oftentimes, those injured have to endure emergency surgery and lengthy hospital stays.

Numerous treatment options are available to help victims in the aftermath of their accidents. Sadly, thousands of people are left with permanent impairments and forced to deal with endless physical, mental, and financial issues. When people sustain injuries in preventable crashes, they must act quickly to protect their best interests. You should contact a car crash lawyer as soon as you can to preserve your legal rights.

Working with a lawyer is definitely in your best interest if you know that your injuries were caused by a negligent driver. You need to be able to recover without worrying about money, especially if you know your crash was not your fault. 

Contact a car crash lawyer in Queens Metro Law to speak with an attorney regarding your right toward financial compensation. Our lawyers have been working for decades to help those who have been hurt in accidents get the money they need to recover. We will do everything we can to get you the compensation you deserve, as well as the justice you seek. 

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