Queens, NY – Scooter-SUV Crash at 28th Ave & 42nd St Leaves Man in Critical Condition

Queens, NY – Scooter-SUV Crash at 28th Ave & 42nd St Leaves Man in Critical Condition

Queens, NY (July 10, 2023) – According to law enforcement, a 50-year-old man currently remains in critical condition after being struck by a motor vehicle while riding a scooter in Queens. The incident happened on Sunday morning, July 9th, at around 9:25 a.m.

Authorities say that a Honda Odyssey entered the intersection of 28th Avenue and 42nd Street, where it struck a man who was operating a scooter. Either a nearby witness or a person involved in the crash called 911, and emergency crews were immediately dispatched to the area.

Crews arrived at the scene and immediately transported the victim to Elmhurst Hospital. He is currently listed in critical condition.

The driver of the SUV involved, identified only as a 22-year-old, reportedly stayed at the scene to assist authorities. The driver sustained at least minor injuries and was treated at a local hospital. No further updates are currently available.

An investigation into the events that triggered the collision is ongoing.

Our thoughts are with the man who was seriously injured in this incident. We hope for his full recovery.

Scooter Accidents in New York

Queens, NY – Scooter-SUV Crash at 28th Ave & 42nd St Leaves Man in Critical Condition

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