Queens, NY – Two Hurt in Two-Alarm Apartment Fire on 57th Rd near Lawrence St

Queens, NY – Two Hurt in Two-Alarm Apartment Fire on 57th Rd near Lawrence St

Queens, NY (September 28, 2023) – A fire-related incident was reported to police and rescue crews on the morning of September 28. Shortly after 2:00 a.m., emergency responders were dispatched to the scene of the fire on 57th Road. 

Police, EMTs, and fire crews were seen rendering aid at the scene of the incident on 57th Road near Lawrence Street. Firefighters worked to put the flames out for over an hour. 

Two individuals, including one civilian and one firefighter, suffered injuries in the blaze. They were taken to the hospital by ambulance to receive treatment.

Police in Queens continue to investigate the details of the fire. 

We hope the injured victims are able to make a full and fast recovery.

New York Structure Fires

Queens, NY - Two Hurt in Two-Alarm Apartment Fire on 57th Rd near Lawrence StWhen we consider the fact that over 80% of deaths that stem from structure fires in the United States occur in houses, hotels, and apartments, it is clear that residential fires have become a prevalent issue among the public. At this point in time, the main cause of fatal residential fires is the improper disposal of tobacco products. Cooking appliances, such as grills, stoves, and hot plates, are the main cause of severe burn injuries in residential fires.  

Some other common causes of house fires in the United States include: 

  • Faulty/defective appliances
  • Outdated/worn-out electrics
  • Cracked, broken, or improperly installed gas lines 
  • Blocked chimney flues
  • Faulty, broken or defective furnaces/boilers

In house and apartment fires, smoke inhalation is a leading cause of death, followed closely by burn injuries. Those who are able to escape, however, often experience both to a notable degree. These and other injuries related to fires are extensively costly and painful to treat. 

Most burn injuries will fall under one of three types: 

  • 1st-degree burns: 1st-degree burns affect jus the top skin layer. These types of burns are often caused by ironing, cooking, or sunburn, and only take a few days to resolve. 
  • 2nd-degree burns: These burns affect the dermis, or the second skin layer. More severe than 1st-degree burns, these may require skin grafts and leave the victim with permanent scarring. 
  • 3rd-degree burns: Burns like this totally destroy the third layer of skin or the hypodermis. They cause skin loss, loss of hair follicles, sweat glands, and more. 

Our lawyers work tirelessly to help families protect their legal rights so they are able to move on from the aftermath of severe burn injuries or other fire-related injuries. Contact the Brooklyn fire injury lawyers at Metro Law by calling (800) 469-6476 to see how we can help you.