Readington, NJ – One Hospitalized After Crash on Rt 202 near Railroad Ave

Readington, NJ – One Hospitalized After Crash on Rt 202 near Railroad Ave

Readington, NJ (May 5, 2023) – One person was sent to the hospital after an accident at an intersection in Readington Township. The collision occurred at around 6:30 a.m., according to reports. 

Local officials say the incident occurred on Route 202 near Railroad Avenue. Vehicles collided for currently unknown reasons, sending one individual to the hospital for treatment. 

Members of the Whitehouse Rescue Squad went to the scene to help the people involved. The roadway was blocked while emergency responders worked in the area. 

Authorities asked local drivers to use alternate routes for the time being. 

Our thoughts are with those involved. We hope for their full recovery.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

New Jersey Car Crashes

 Readington, NJ - One Hospitalized After Crash on Rt 202 near Railroad AveCar accidents have become a serious issue in the United States and throughout the state of New York. Every year, over 6 million car crashes happen throughout the country that cause millions of people to sustain injuries and tens of thousands to lose their lives. Approximately 43% of the traffic collisions reported in the United States end in injuries. 

If you were involved in a collision, always contact the police, even if the crash seems minor. Even fender benders can end in serious injuries with lasting impacts on victims. While it’s imperative to obtain a police report of your accident, you should not admit fault, even if you think you may have contributed to the cause of the collision. Issues beyond your control, such as the negligence of the other driver or vehicle malfunctions, may have been the root cause of the incident. 

You should always seek proper medical care right away after your accident, even if you don’t think you sustained any serious injuries. Some injuries may not be apparent until days or even weeks after your accident, and you may not be able to detect them without the help of a skilled medical doctor. This means either heading to the ER or an urgent care facility or seeing your own doctor. Even if your injuries do not seem severe, do not attempt to ‘wait and see’ or ‘tough it out.’ Some injuries, especially such as whiplash or other musculoskeletal injuries, may not completely manifest until a day or so after the crash.

Failure to seek prompt medical care may result in the responsible party’s insurance company attempting to downplay the severity of your injuries or even claim your injuries are unrelated to the accident itself. When you sustain serious injuries in a crash, working with a skilled lawyer can help you deal with the insurance companies and get the compensation you deserve. After you’re hurt in an accident caused by a negligent driver, you may be eligible to collect compensation for medical bills, vehicle repairs, wage loss, and more.

The car accident attorneys in Readington from Metro Law have decades of skilled experience helping injured crash victims make full financial recoveries. Being hurt in a serious accident is not easy, and we are here to help ease some of the burdens you may be facing during this difficult time. 

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