Recovery Times of Injuries in an Accident

Recovery Times of Injuries in an Accident

How Accidents Cause Injuries

A common and well-founded complaint following a car accident is the recovery of the injuries a victim sustains in the accident. Many car accidents will result with injuries being sustained, even in accidents where there is not much physical damage on the vehicles themselves. Injuries can result from a fairly low speed accident to an accident in which a car flips into its roof. No matter how an accident happens, injury can be the end result from the impact experienced.

Injuries occur in accidents for a few reasons. One reason is that a victim does not expect an accident to happen, so they cannot prepare their body for the impact. Another reason that injuries occur is that the forces involved in the accident are too powerful and can cause a person to be jostled around their vehicle, meaning that they will injure themselves on the parts inside the vehicle. The most obvious reason for injuries in a car accident is that the accident is so powerful it causes our cars to break apart, which can cause significant injury to those within that vehicle. The way an injury happens can vary, but the end result is the same: injuries will need to heal, and that time needed to heal can cause issues for a victim as they try to return to their lives.

When injured in an accident, it’s important that you consult an accident lawyer who can help you recover the funds you need to pay for your injuries and damages, and to not cause you financial hardship.

Recovery Times for Common Accident Injuries

Although each accident is unique, certain injuries will pop up continually, and they all require time to recover. Some of these common injuries includes:

Whiplash: Whiplash is one of the most common injuries in a car accident and is also, often times, one of the easiest conditions to recover from. Whiplash occurs when the neck is strained due to a violent back and forth action of the head. This injury, depending on the severity, can heal in a few hours, to a few weeks, to a few months. For more serious injuries, you may need to attend physical therapy to recover fully, which will mean there will be extended time for your recovery.

Broken bones: Broken bones will take several weeks to several months to heal, with some bones needing even longer to recover. For a bone in the arm, it may only take a couple of months to heal, but a broken ankle will take significantly longer since an ankle is weight bearing and will need more time to heal to the point it can do its job. The type of bone and the type of break will determine how long it will take to recover, which can cause a slew of frustrations for a victim as they try to work or perform other tasks that require them to be healed.

Internal bleeding: Internal bleeding can happen in a particularly bad accident, causing a victim to suffer from pain and other issues. Internal bleeding will more than likely need surgery, which means that a victim will not only need to recover from surgery, but will also need to attend appointments to check on their surgery site, which will also take time away form a victim who is simply trying to return to their normal life.

East Coast Injury Lawyers Fighting for You

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