Ridgewood, NJ – Three Injured in Auto Accident on Lincoln Ave

Ridgewood, NJ – Three Injured in Auto Accident on Lincoln Ave

Ridgewood, NJ (March 9, 2023) – A vehicle struck a tree on a roadway in Ridgewood on Friday, March 3, leaving three people with injuries. 

The crash happened on Lincoln Avenue when a Honda left the roadway and hit a tree head-on, injuring the driver and two passengers. The driver is suspected of drinking and driving, according to reports. 

The two passengers, along with the driver, were transported to the hospital with serious injuries, including a broken femur and broken ribs, a compound lower leg fracture, a sacral fracture, a renal hematoma, and a liver laceration. 

The roadway was blocked while emergency responders tended to the injured victims and investigated the circumstances of the incident. 

Police in Ridgewood are still investigating. 

We hope for the full recovery of those with injuries. 

New Jersey Car Accidents

 Ridgewood, NJ - Three Injured in Auto Accident on Lincoln AveOn average, the state of New Jersey sees thousands of car accidents every year. Tens of thousands are hurt annually in these wrecks. Driver negligence often causes accidents that are more severe than those that take place for other reasons. Drivers who cause injurious traffic collisions should always be held responsible for their actions. If you or someone you love has recently been hurt in a crash caused by driver negligence, a car crash attorney could greatly increase your ability to recover successfully.

Negligent drivers cause millions of injurious and fatal accidents every single year in the United States. In one recent year, over 400,000 vehicle accidents happened due to the actions of distracted drivers. Along with distracted driving, intoxication, fatigue, and speeding are three other common forms of driver negligence displayed by American drivers on a regular basis.

Aside from physical injuries, car accidents may also result in severe financial problems. Most of these wrecks are easily preventable. If drivers were more considerate while operating their vehicles, everyone would be much safer while out on the road. More than 90% of reported car crashes in the United States are caused by negligent drivers.

Most New Jersey car accidents happen because of driver negligence. Be it a manufacturer, motorist, or another party or person, injured victims are generally able to file claims for compensation against the parties at fault for their accidents. Negligently caused accidents often result in serious injuries, including spinal cord injuries, back injuries, broken bones, whiplash, and even paralysis and disfigurement. Depending on the severity of an injury, it may affect a victim for their entire life.

You may be entitled to significant compensation if you believe that the negligent actions of another motorist ultimately caused your injuries. Compensation may help cover the costs related to your wreck and the resulting injuries. A personal injury attorney can help you figure out whether you qualify for compensation for your losses and damages.

The trusted team of Ridgewood car crash attorneys at Metro Law have decades of combined experience helping injured crash victims get the justice and compensation they deserve. 

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