Saddlebrook, NJ – Car Wreck with Injuries on Gdn State Pkwy near Exit 161

Saddlebrook, NJ – Car Wreck with Injuries on Gdn State Pkwy near Exit 161

Saddlebrook, NJ (May 14, 2024) – A serious car crash happened in Saddlebrook on the morning of May 13. At approximately 7:35 a.m., vehicles collided on the Garden State Parkway near Exit 161. At least one person was hurt in the crash and was then transported to a local hospital, although more people could have been injured as well. Currently, the identities of all those injured have not been reported. Two left lanes of the Parkway were blocked while crews were present on the road. Police in Saddlebrook continue to investigate the details of the incident.

We hope for the full recovery of all injured victims.

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Saddlebrook, NJ - Car Wreck with Injuries on Gdn State Pkwy near Exit 161Motor vehicle accidents leave tens of thousands of people across New Jersey injured every year. Unfortunately, there are many instances where people are hurt in accidents due to the reckless and negligent actions of others. Many accidents result from drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, distracted while behind the wheel, or speeding. Any reckless or negligent action can have catastrophic consequences for others on the road. Unfortunately, devastating collisions are reported every day in our state.

The consequences of collisions can take an overwhelming toll on victims. Not only are they forced to endure mental and physical pain and suffering, but victims and their families are often left with tens of thousands of dollars in medical expenses, costs of repairs for their vehicles, and lost wages due to being off work to recover.

Thousands of accident victims are never able to return to work because of their injuries. When victims sustain injuries in accidents due to the reckless actions of other drivers, they should contact a car accident attorney in Saddlebrook as soon as possible to protect their legal rights.

Working with a responsive and effective law firm will ensure you are in the best position possible to protect your legal rights and best interests after being harmed in a crash due to another person’s actions. We at Metro Law strive to ensure victims get the justice and compensation they rightfully deserve after suffering devastating accidents in collisions caused by reckless and negligent drivers. Our team will do everything possible to make sure you have the evidence needed to prove your case against the defendant. We will go straight to the scene of the accident to gather evidence on your behalf and even work with experts who can re-create the collision.

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