Salem County, NJ – Fatal Three-Car Accident on Rt 40 near Jill Rd

Salem County, NJ – Fatal Three-Car Accident on Rt 40 near Jill Rd

Salem County, NJ (September 4, 2023) –A passenger lost their life in a fatal crash in Salem County, according to information from the New Jersey police department. Reports show the crash occurred just after 3:15 p.m. 

Authorities say three vehicles crashed on Route 40 near Jill Road. A man from Pilesgrove, age 72, was operating a Pontiac Bonneville headed west on Route 40 when he attempted to turn left into a driveway near Jill Road. 

A dump truck behind the Bonneville struck the rear of the vehicle, forcing it into the eastbound lane a Nissan Maxima struck the Pontiac heading east on Route 40, police said. A passenger in the Pontiac, 73-year-old Jane String, lost her life in the collision. 

The driver was transported to the hospital with serious injuries. Their name has not been reported at this time. The driver of the dump truck sustained no injuries. 

Police in Salem County continue to investigate the circumstances of the accident. 

Our thoughts are with everyone involved in this car crash in Salem County. 

We want to offer our sincere condolences to the family of the deceased victim at this time.

New Jersey Auto Accidents

Salem County, NJ - Fatal Three-Car Accident on Rt 40 near Jill RdIndividuals who are hurt in car wrecks usually have their entire lives turned inside out.  On average, in the Garden State, over 50,000 individuals suffer injuries in car wrecks yearly. Unfortunately, hundreds lose their lives in annual collisions in the state. When we consider the number of yearly auto collisions that occur in the United States, we see that over 6 million car wrecks happen per year. Approximately 3 million people suffer injuries in these accidents per year, and tens of thousands lose their lives. 

Driver negligence is the main contributing factor in the majority of auto collisions in the United States. Sadly, thousands of individuals are killed per year due to the actions of negligent drivers. Drivers who travel at unsafe speeds, while they are intoxicated or distracted, cause collisions that end in injuries on a regular basis. 

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