School Bus History

School Bus History

A Quick History of School Buses

School buses have become a synonymous part of the public school experience. Children have ridden school buses since 1886 when the buses were simply horse drawn carriages. As time progressed, school buses were able to become motorized, though their protection for the children inside were still severely lacking. It wasn’t until 1927 that school buses began to be covered in steel in an effort to provide more significant safety to the students who rode these vehicles to and from school. From that point, the safety of school buses continued to be an increasingly important subject, and it’s one that we are still trying to improve today.

School buses, statistically, are one of the safest vehicles a child can ride in when going to and from school today. Due to many of the safety features built into buses and the regulations that bus drivers must follow, these vehicles are less likely to be involved in accidents in which a child will be hurt. Despite all of these factors and statistics, though, school buses still end up in accidents due to factors that, often, are preventable. These accidents are especially frustrating considering the fact that there are so many regulations and protocols in place to prevent them in the first place, and they can be accidents that can be the hardest to recover from as a family since those injured are children. After suffering injuries from a bus accident, contacting a personal injury lawyer can help you seek the compensation that you and your child will need while you all recover.

When Safety on School Buses Became a Priority

The school buses we know today are the product of many years of laws and safety measures passed to keep them as safe as possible for the children who ride them. The start of serious school bus safety began in 1939 when a man named Dr. Frank Cyr organized a meeting to establish safety standards for school buses. Due to that meeting, over forty brand new national standards were created to help make buses safe, one of which can be seen every day: school buses were decided to be painted yellow as it’s the most eye-catching color, making them one of the most easily seen vehicles on the road. These standards are consistently updated with new standards being created to accompany these old standards, making school buses an ever changing transportation service seeking the highest in standards and safety for those who ride on them.

Personal Injury Lawyers on the East Coast

School bus injuries, though rare, do still occur. School buses have been designed and regulated in ways to help decrease the chances of injuries, seeing as a significant number of children use them during the school year. Injuries sustained in school bus accidents can be quite serious, so the price to recover from these injuries can be substantial. At, we know how to handle taking your accident to court to help you get the compensation you deserve. We want to help you and your family move on and heal, and we want to help you do that as soon as possible. Call us today to discuss your case at (800) – 469 – 6476.