Seaford, N.Y. – Child Seriously Injured After Being Hit by Car on Sunrise Highway

Seaford, N.Y. – Child Seriously Injured After Being Hit by Car on Sunrise Highway

Seaford, N.Y (February 20, 2019) – A child has been seriously injured following a pedestrian accident Tuesday afternoon. The New York pedestrian accident occurred at Sunrise Highway and Washington Avenue in the town of Seaford.

Police say that the 12-year-old boy was attempting to cross Sunrise Avenue, a very busy roadway, at the Washington Avenue intersection when he was hit by an 88-year-old driver. The driver stayed at the scene and waited for police to arrive and help the boy. The boy was unconscious when authorities arrived and was rushed to a hospital where he remains for treatment at the time of this article’s posting.

The driver is not facing any charges from this accident.

New York Pedestrian Accidents

Accidents in which a pedestrian is injured is one that is always scary. For the pedestrian, injuries and the work to prove their innocence after the accident is always hard, and for the driver, knowing they injured a person with their vehicle can be devastating and hard to handle. These accidents, no matter who you are, are difficult to recover from, and often, they will cause those involved stress and trauma.

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