Several injured in multi-car accident in New Jersey

Several injured in multi-car accident in New Jersey

Day in and day out, there are car accidents throughout the state of New Jersey. Some of these involve multiple vehicles, in which case the chance of several people being injured or killed is greater.

According to New Jersey State Policy, a multi-vehicle accident injured several people, including an infant, in Southampton, Burlington County.

At approximately 3:00 p.m., a car, two work vans, and an SUV with a camper in tow were involved in an accident on Route 206. The infant was traveling inside the vehicle, and suffered injuries when struck by glass. As a result, the child was immediately taken to Cooper University Hospital to be treated. Additionally, an adult was taken to the same hospital for treatment.

At this time, there is no additional information on the condition of the adult and child who were transported to the hospital. Along with these two, eight others suffered non life-threatening injuries but still received treatment.

Due to the nature of the accident, including the involvement of multiple vehicles, a portion of Route 206 was closed down so authorities could investigate, hoping to learn more about the cause and who was at fault.

Some of the biggest and most severe car accidents are caused by one mistake by one driver. It only takes a minor miscue or distraction while behind the wheel to cause an accident that can involve multiple vehicles and injure many people.

In the event that a car accident is caused due to the negligence of one driver, that person can be charged by police while also sued by one or more of the victims.