Some of the Ways People are Hurt on Other’s Property

Some of the Ways People are Hurt on Other’s Property

What Does “Premises Liability” Mean?

When you own or rent a property, you suddenly become responsible for many things. You have to keep your payments on time, make sure your property looks good and well-maintained, and above all, you must make sure that others will be safe on your property. Although this seems like a basic concept, many people don’t understand that you must ensure that others are safe from injury on your property or else you may end up facing legal action due to premises liability.

“Premises liability” is a legal term referring to the liability one has in regards to torts that occur on their piece of property. These torts can vary, but a large number of suits revolve around injuries that occur on a property that is either not cared for or has not been groomed with the safety of others in mind. Many of these torts are small, equaling maybe a few thousand in damages, but there are cases in which torts are significantly more expensive, seeking millions instead of thousands. These cases can mean devastation for a family or property owner, so it’s important that property owners take the time to care for their land to help ensure the safety of everyone on it.

Being injured on another’s property can be frustrating, especially if that person refuses to help you with your medical costs after the accident. Instead of being angry, talk with a personal injury lawyer instead who can help you figure out what you can do for your case and figure out what you may be owed.

How Someone Can be Injured on Your Property

The injuries that can occur on other’s property are quite extensive, with the causes of these injuries ranging a fair bit as well. Some of the more common ways people are injured in accidents on a property includes:

Falling on stairs: Stairs are wonderful for many reasons, but they must be maintained to ensure that they are safe to use. Stairs that are slick, have nails coming out of the boards, or are structurally unsound can all lead to an accident in which someone is injured, which can bring with it a costly medical bill and an even costlier lawsuit.

Tripping over an object: Objects fall on the ground constantly. This issue is not something that is a “one and done” sort of deal, but rather one that should be constantly checked on. Always survey your property, both indoors and outdoors, to check if anything is obscuring a walking path so that you can make sure that these objects are removed. Taking the time to remove these items can help make your property safe for everyone, which will save you a lot in the end.

Being burned: If you live in an area that gets extremely hot, it’s good to check that any exposed metals are either covered or put in a shady area to ensure no one is burned on the heated metal. This may sound like it doesn’t happen often, but it does happen, and it’s better to protect against any possible injuries than hope no one is injured.

East Coast Personal Injury Lawyers

After suffering an injury on a property that is not yours, you may be left wondering what you can do to help you pay for your damages. At the Law Offices of Robert A. Solomon of Metro Law, we can help you with this query. Our lawyers are well versed in the laws pertaining to premises liability, and we will be sure to fight for your compensation in court so that you don’t have to. Call our office today to see what we can do for you at (800) 469-6476.