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6.26 Queens, NY – Accident on Mayda Rd Leaves Pedestrian Injured

What Are My Rights After Being Hit by a Car in New York 

One of the easiest ways to improve your endurance, your fitness level, and your overall health is by walking every day, a trend that is being picked up by a lot of people who are interested in living a healthier lifestyle.  If you are hit by a car while out walking will you know what to do? The injuries that are frequently sustained by pedestrians are typically more severe than the injuries that are sustained when two cars crash into one [...]

7.2 Mahwah, NJ – Man Seriously Injured by Saw on Ramapo Valley Rd

Types and Degrees of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are one of the most painful types of injuries that workplace accident victims and car accident victims endure. Serious burns can also be caused by faulty equipment or products that unintentionally overheat or catch fire. Burn Injury Classifications Most doctors identify three different classifications of burns. Listed below is a basic summary of each classification and how these burns usually occur. First-Degree Burns: These are painful burns on the surface of the skin. In some instances, the skin may be [...]

6.25 Somerville, NJ – Two Injured in Motorcycle Accident on US-22

Motorcycle Accident and Injury Statistics in New York City

Maneuvering a motorcycle in New York City amidst rush-hour traffic is oftentimes dangerous and challenging. Additionally, the majority of passenger car drivers and truck operators overlook the fact that motorcycle riders, bicycle riders, and pedestrians are uniquely defenseless in the face of a motor vehicle accident. Even though New York City motorcycle accidents happen much less frequently than car accidents, they are also more liable to cause fatal injuries due to the fact that motorcycle riders have almost no physical [...]

6.25 Somerville, NJ – Two Injured in Motorcycle Accident on US-22

New York Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Driver Negligence

New York residents who ride motorcycles are painfully aware of the serious threat of being involved in an accident. As a matter of fact, in 2013, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stated that motorcycle riders were reported as being almost 30 times more likely than the drivers of traditional passenger vehicles to be killed during a vehicle collision. Even worse is that an overwhelming majority of the state’s motorcycle accidents take place because of the negligence or inattention [...]

6.12 Olean, NY – Fire on E Fall Rd Claims one Life

NYPD’s New “No Report” Car Accident Policy

Last month, the New York Police Department implemented a new policy wherein it will no longer send police officers to the site of minor car accidents in the hopes that this will allow the officers to focus on more significant incidents and cut back on traffic congestion without putting public safety at risk. How Does it Work? After it was enacted, the New York Police Department eventually circulated some very limited details regarding this new policy of non-response anytime a traffic [...]

6.25 Brooklyn, NY – One Injured in Fire on St Johns Pl

Personal Injury Checklist for New York Personal Injury Claims

In preparing for a personal injury claim with a successful outcome, there are some mistakes that are commonly made by those seeking legal representation. These common oversights are easy to avoid if you know what they are ahead of time and strive to keep on top of them for the duration of your lawsuit. When filing a personal injury action, it is important that you follow the suggestions listed below. Actions That Strengthen Your Claim Follow your doctor’s instructions. If you do [...]

Basic Questions You Should Ask Your New York Personal Injury Attorney 

Basic Questions You Should Ask Your New York Personal Injury Attorney 

Once you have decided that you intend to pursue a personal injury claim you are going to need to hire a personal injury attorney, but before you settle on the first name that comes up in your Google search or the law firm with offices closest to your house, it is always a smart idea to ask your potential future advocate a few questions choice questions and make your determination based on the answers you receive.  It is important to [...]

6.29 Atlantic City, NJ – One Injured in Plane Crash off 13 St Beach

Calculating the Value of Your New York Personal Injury Claim

If you were recently injured because of the careless behavior or gross neglect of another person, you might be thinking about bringing a claim of personal injury against the person responsible so you can secure financial compensation for your accident-related damages such as hospital bills and lost income. After your accident you might be in pain, trying to figure out how you are going to take care of your family when you are physically unable to work and are going [...]

The Three Elements in a New York Premises Liability Case

The Three Elements of a New York Premises Liability Case

When you patronize a brick and mortar establishment, you are entitled to feel safe. Businesses are obligated to furnish safe conditions for their customers and when that responsibility goes unfulfilled, a customer could be injured. If you sustained an injury that was caused by the negligence of a business owner, you might have grounds to bring a claim of personal injury against the business for your injuries. There are three elements that are necessary to prove that a business is [...]

Can I File a Claim Against a New York School District for Student Injuries?

Can I File a Claim Against a New York School District for Student Injuries?

Anytime a student gets injured during school the potential for damages such as medical bills and emotional trauma exists for not only the student themselves, but their parents, and the school’s staff as well. Even though the majority of school-acquired injuries are relatively minor, comprised mainly of insignificant cuts, scrapes, and bruises, it is possible for a student to be severely injured while they are at school. Playground amenities, gym class, after school sports teams, and even activities conducted in [...]