I suffered a devastating injury at work when a scissor life tipped over and crushed my foot. A friend referred me to Mr. Solomon and I’m so glad that he did. He sued the town that was responsible for my injuries. The case took several years to resolve. Mr. Solomon always returned my calls and kept me fully informed as to the progress of my case. He settled my case after a mediation for almost 2 million dollars. I now have enough money to live comfortably for the rest of my life.

Marty Lamburt

I’m going to give Mr. Solomon my Lawyer 5 Stars because despite me almost loosing it all he made sure I came out of my case with some money, he really works hard for his clients I’d recommend him to my friends and family.

Noldyne Louis

Mr. Robert A. Solomon, P.C., He is an excellent Attorney. I would recommend him highly. He works very hard for his client’s. He goes above and beyond.

Priscilla Washington

There the persons that work there they are good

Margaret Tanon

Great , professional, dedicated , he helped me with my Case and I’m glad I hired him Now my case is over and I’m happy with what he got for me , I’m Thankful for He’s time and caring . God bless him

Maureen Abed

Mr. Solomon is an excellent and professional Attorney. I highly recommend him. He responded to my emails promptly and worked diligently to ensure that I received the best settlement possible.

Diamond Erskine