The Dangers of “Third Impact”

The Dangers of “Third Impact”

What is “Third Impact?”

When a traumatic injury occurs, there are several things that occur that are of serious concern. The initial impact deals with forces that are powerful and harmful, outside factors such as breaking glass and broken metal pieces hurling themselves into your person and causing excessive injuries, hitting different parts of the inside of your vehicle, and dealing with the situation known as “third impact.”

Third impact is the impact that occurs to your organs as you are involved in a car accident. When you are in a car accident, you are traveling at a fairly fast speed, especially if you are on a highway. This speed is suddenly stopped or greatly slowed down in a quick fashion when an accident occurs. To protect you from continuing this stopped or slowed momentum, you are held still by your seatbelt, but by being stopped suddenly, the organs in your body suffer the impact of hitting the inside of your body with great force, which can cause significant injury to your organs. Often, we think about the injuries that we can see as being some of the worst or most important injuries we suffer, but many times, the injuries that happen internally are extremely dangerous and they can end up causing us significant damage when they are not treated quickly and properly.

Suffering internal injuries is dangerous and scary. After suffering injuries like these, call an accident lawyer who can help you decide what step you should take following your accident, and how they may be able to help you get the compensation you need.

The Dangers of Third Impact Injuries

Third impact injuries can be extensive and dangerous, and they need to be addressed quickly and by medical professionals. The injuries suffered by third impact situations can include:

Organ bruising: Organ bruising is similar to a bruise we have on our skin. It is painful, can make moving and doing activities difficult, and can cause us to experience some scary symptoms. For example, you can have blood in your urine if your kidneys are bruised. These injuries can be serious if the bruise is large, meaning that the organ could suffer more permanent injury if it is bleeding too much. This issue must be diagnosed and treated properly by a doctor.

Organ bleeding: When an organ bleeds, it can mean a few things. One, that organ is fairly damaged and may need extra care and attention by doctors so that it heals properly; two, the organ may not stop bleeding and may need to be attended to by a surgeon to make sure the bleeding stops; or three, the organ may be too badly damaged that it may need to be removed. All of these situations are scary in their own right, and they can all cause serious issues if they are not properly diagnosed and treated by a doctor.

Sepsis: If an organ, such as the intestines, bleeds, the risk of infection is great and can cause something known as sepsis to arise. Sepsis is a condition in which an infection reaches the blood and causes the body to shut down, which is fatal unless treated by doctors. When sepsis occurs, a stay in the hospital is the likeliest situation to occur for a victim, which will cost them time and money.

Third impact can cause serious injuries that can incapacitate and cause extreme frustration to a victim. These injuries need to be taken seriously and they should be looked for by a medical professional following a collision in which speeds were high.

Personal Injury Lawyers Here to Help You

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