Tips for Driving in New York City Traffic

Tips for Driving in New York City Traffic

The Big Apple is known for many things. From the Statue of Liberty to Broadway, and the Empire State Building to Ground Zero, there are innumerable activities and attractions where both tourists and locals are able to spend their time. Regrettably, all of these world-renowned landmarks along with the city’s 8.4 million residents make for some frenzied traffic conditions.

Navigating your way through rush-hour gridlock in New York City is practically an art form, and with the aid of a few practical suggestions, you can decrease your odds of being involved in a car accident. Sadly, car accidents are not 100 percent preventable, particularly if other drivers are acting carelessly and disregarding the rules of the road. 

By following the advice given below, you can at least make sure that the reckless driver endangering the safety of everyone on the road is not you.

Mind Your Speed

Tips for Driving in New York City Traffic

When coming up on an especially overcrowded portion of the road, keep to your lane and decrease your speed. A lot of accidents take place because drivers are constantly altering their speed in an attempt to find the elusive “faster lane” or at least a lane that is actually moving. Instead, you need to slow down and welcome your fate. You need to have lots of patience to drive in New York City traffic.

So Much Following Distance

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention emphasizes the advantage of maintaining a safe and consistent following distance. Should traffic suddenly slow down, then you will have plenty of time to react calmly and come to a complete stop without rear-ending the car in front of you. It is also a good idea to be aware of how much following distance the car behind you is leaving.

Keep Calm

Road rage is a frequent companion to heavy traffic. Traffic jams infuriate drivers, causing the more emotional ones to occasionally lose their tempers and lash out at anyone around them. This type of behavior jeopardizes any driver who happens to be in proximity to this volatile situation. Irate drivers usually demonstrate very poor decision-making abilities, oftentimes working themselves up into a state rather than thinking about the potential danger they are causing. If you feel yourself starting to get irrationally angry at a situation that is not under anyone’s control take a deep breath, pull off the road and treat yourself to an ice cream cone, count backward from 10, count backward from 100, do whatever you need to do to stay focused on the road and on your surroundings.

Use! Your! Turn! Signal!

When you are driving in heavy traffic, communicating with the drivers around you is essential. There are several different ways to make your actions known to those around you, what matters is that other drivers are aware of your intentions. If your movements are anticipated, then you are less likely to be involved in a car accident. Use your blinker every single time you plan to turn or change lanes. 

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