Tragic Incident Sheds Light on the Importance of Safety in Pool Rentals

Tragic Incident Sheds Light on the Importance of Safety in Pool Rentals


Her parents were devastated by the news that their 7 year-old daughter, Laylah Clark, tragically drowned to death in a pool owned by Paul and Angela Harris, which was rented through the website. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the crucial role that proper maintenance and safety measures play in ensuring the well-being of individuals using rented swimming pools. In this blog post, we will explore the details surrounding the incident and shed light on the importance of prioritizing safety in pool rentals over profits.

The Incident:

On June 26, 2022, in a swimming pool located in the Teaneck, New Jersey back yard of Paul and Angela Harris, Laylah Clark’s life was cut short in an unfortunate drowning accident that occurred in a pool rented through The circumstances surrounding her death were even more concerning; the pool had not been properly maintained, and the water was so cloudy that the drain in the deep end was not visible. This compromised visibility played a significant role in the tragedy, highlighting the need for stricter safety protocols and inspections in the pool rental industry.

Standard of Care:

The standard of care for residential swimming pools as set forth in the American National Standard for Residential Pools requires that “Pool water shall be of a clarity to permit an 8 inch diameter black and white Secchi disc or main suction outlet (main drain) located on the bottom of the pool at its deepest part to be clearly visible and sharply defined from any point on the deck up to 30 feet away in a direct line of sight from the disc or main drain.  The CDC standard of care requires “The water in an Aquatic Venue (swimming pool) shall be sufficiently clear such that the bottom is visible while the water is static at all times the Aquatic Venue (swimming pool) is open or available for use.” is a platform that allows individuals to rent private swimming pools by the hour for their recreational use. While the concept itself offers a unique and convenient experience for users, it also raises questions about the responsibility of the platform to ensure the safety of its customers.  Swimply.Com does not believe it has any responsibility to insure that the pools people rent from its hosts are safe for swimming.  The only advise Swimply.Com gives its hosts is to post a sign that says “No Lifeguard on Duty, Swim at you Own Risk.”  In the case of Laylah Clark, it appears that no measures were not taken to ensure the quality and maintenance of the rented pool, leading to this heartbreaking incident.

Tragic Incident Sheds Light on the Importance of Safety in Pool RentalsThe Importance of Safety:

The incident involving Laylah Clark places a spotlight on the paramount importance of safety when it comes to pool rentals. Pool owners and rental platforms must prioritize the well-being of their customers over profits, by implementing stringent safety guidelines and ensuring regular inspections.  Clear visibility of a pool’s depth markers, drains, and other critical features is essential to prevent accidents like Laylah’s from occurring.

Accountability and Regulations:

In the wake of Laylah’s tragic death and other similar drownings, it becomes evident that stricter regulations and accountability measures need to be put in place within the pool rental industry. Rental platforms like must be responsible for verifying the safety standards of the pools they list on their platform.  Pool owners should be required to meet certain criteria regarding maintenance, water quality, and safety equipment before renting out their pools to the public.

Public Awareness and Education:

Additionally, there is a need for heightened public awareness and education regarding pool safety. Renters must be made aware of the potential risks associated with using a privately rented pool and be encouraged to ask pertinent questions about maintenance, safety measures, and water quality before confirming a reservation.  By empowering individuals with knowledge and promoting a culture of safety, we can minimize the likelihood of tragic incidents occurring in the future.


The loss of Laylah Clark serves as a painful reminder of how important it is to prioritize safety in pool rentals. This tragic incident underscores the need for stricter regulations, accountability, and increased public awareness within the pool rental industry. Let us honor Laylah’s memory by advocating for change and ensuring that every individual can enjoy the transformative joy of swimming without compromising their safety.