Trees and Property Liability

Trees and Property Liability

Why are Trees Planted on Properties?

There are many ways you can beautify your property while also adding value to it. Repainting the buildings and objects on your property is a good way to make a property look and feel new. Adding small additions like a porch or outside furniture to a property can help make the property feel homier and more comfortable, which many people enjoy doing for both their homes and even their businesses. Of course, one of the best ways to improve a property is to add plants and trees, which can also add permanent value to a home, depending on the situation. Indeed, plants improve many aspects of our homes, which is why so many people love gardening and adding these organisms to our property.

Unfortunately, certain plants can end up causing significant problems for homeowners.This issue is often compounded by the fact that many property owners do not do enough research about the plants they put on their property, which can end up costing them a lot down the road if they decide they want these plants removed. Trees are often one of the most troublesome plants property owners deal with after planting them, with many property owners planting them for their value and aesthetic without realizing all that comes with the certain tree they plant. Trees can end up being a huge liability for property owners, so it’s important for these owners to look into the plants they are planting to ensure that they are not going to have these liabilities down the road.

How Can a Tree Hurt You?

Trees, while wonderful and beautiful, need to be thoroughly researched before they are planted to ensure they will not harm anyone on a property later on. Trees can cause injuries on a property by:

Having raised roots: Raised roots can happen with many types of trees, and they are just the way the tree grows. When a tree has raised roots, the roots can easily become something visitors trip over, which can result in serious injuries in some people. If your tree has raised roots, it may help to look into a way for visitors to avoid coming into contact with these roots.

Causing walkways to be damaged: When trees grow near walkways, they can cause the walkways to raise and crack due to their roots, which will mean an uneven walking surface. When a surface is uneven to walk on, it means that visitors can trip, which opens you up to a possible lawsuit.

Having objects fall off the tree: Trees that have items like pinecones or other large pieces that fall off regularly can pose a risk for visitors to step on these items and fall. While it is possible to have these trees and simply ensure that walkways are always clear of this debris, it is something a property owner will always need to remember to do, that way no one gets hurt.

Trees are a wonderful addition to any property, but they should be looked into to ensure they will not cause a property owner any issues in the future. Always research your trees before you plant them to ensure that you will have the perfect tree for your property for many years to come, or understand that certain measures will have to be taken to ensure visitor safety when they visit your property.

New York and New Jersey Property Liability Lawyers

Trees are wonderful for properties, but they also hold certain dangers for visitors to a property. If you were injured due to a property owner not taking proper care of a tree that is in their care, you may be entitled to compensation. At the Law Offices of Robert A. Solomon of Metro Law, our team is ready to help you get the money you need to help you move past your injuries and continue on with your life. Call our office today to see how we can help you at (800) 469-6476.