Vehicular Insurance Fraud Examples

Vehicular Insurance Fraud Examples

What is Vehicular Insurance Fraud?

Driving our cars requires a fair amount of work. We have to keep our attention on the road, on the signs, to the passengers in our cars, and to other drivers on the road. Being an alert driver is something that is expected of us as we drive and can help to prevent accidents on the road when we follow through with the expectations set on us. Even with all of these precautions and responsibilities, though, not every accident can be avoided, especially when a driver is looking to get in an accident in the first place.

Vehicular insurance fraud is an act that happens multiple times a day every day. Trying to defraud insurance companies is a crime that has been around for years, with some saying it started when insurance first began to function. Those who commit insurance fraud are looking to make money by pretending to be hurt or have property damaged, thereby collecting the check the insurance company believes they owe to the “victim,” with the “victim” then using that money for things other than what the check was made for. Some criminals are able to get away with this scheme for years before they are caught, while others are caught quickly. As long as they get a check at the end of their scheme, they are happy, and most of them do not care about those who they harm as they seek their pay day.

If you are the victim of vehicular insurance fraud, it is worth looking into a vehicle accident lawyer who can help you to prove your innocence and stop the insurance companies from hiking your rates to pay for a criminal’s lifestyle.

Examples of Vehicular Insurance Fraud

Vehicular insurance fraud speaks specifically to fraud involving vehicles. Some of these cases can include aspects such as:

Causing an accident that involves you: One popular vehicular insurance fraud is to cut in front of your car quickly and then hit their brakes, essentially causing you to have no reaction time and ultimately hit them. For some, their car was damaged by something they previously did, and they want it fixed at no cost to them. For others, they don’t mind if their car is a little damaged as long as they get a check that they can spend on whatever they want. Ultimately, these cases can be hard to argue unless you have footage or witnesses help prove your innocence.

Claiming that you hit them: There are several dash cam videos that show someone run up to a car, throw themselves onto the car, and then pretend that they were hit. This kind of fraud can cause a policy holder to experience high fees from their insurance, legal ramifications, and other consequences which can cause frustration and anger when the driver knows they did nothing wrong.

Claiming that they were injured in an accident they staged: When someone stages an accident, or is in an accident that is minor, and tries to act like they are in great pain, this is also a form of insurance fraud. These people will claim to be in pain and need therapy, will get the check from the insurance company, and then will move on with their lives, healthy and well.

For many insurance fraud cases, you will need definitive proof that you are innocent. Having the statement of a witness or a dash cam can help with this effort, and ultimately, being as alert as you can help you avoid these accidents as well.

Vehicle Accident Lawyers

When someone causes an accident with you to commit insurance fraud, it can be frustrating and difficult to prove your innocence. At, we can help you look over your case to prove your innocence, and show how these criminals hurt you, and help you get the settlement you need and deserve. Call us today at (800) – 469 – 6476 to discuss the aspects of your case.