Ways to Reduce Texting While Driving

Ways to Reduce Texting While Driving

A primary cause of traffic accidents is texting behind the wheel. Driving and texting, also known as distracted driving, is a bad driving habit that is happening more and more frequently among drivers of all ages. Recently studied data has revealed that a disturbing one out of every five drivers sends and receives text messages while operating a motor vehicle. 

Studies of that same data also showed that this safety issue is not only found among teenage drivers anymore either. No matter who is texting and driving, there is one thing that is constant: distracted driving is very dangerous and might cost you or another driver their lives.

Tips to Stop Texting Behind the Wheel:

Keep Your Ringer Set to Silent

Ways to Reduce Texting While Driving

If you feel the urge to reach for your phone anytime you hear it ring, it might be a good idea to turn your volume and vibration completely off before you start driving. If you don’t know that someone is trying to reach you, you won’t be tempted to answer your phone.

Keep Your Phone Out of Sight and Out of Reach

For some phone users, turning down the volume may not do the trick. You might still be enticed to reach for your phone just in case somebody has texted you. Putting your phone somewhere you can’t reach and where it is also out of sight could remedy this issue. Toss your bag in the back seat where you can’t get to it while you are driving. If that doesn’t seem like enough to keep your phone out of your hands while you are driving, put your phone in the trunk of your car where it is impossible for you to get to it.

If It’s Important, Pull Over First 

If it is that important for you to send a text or make a phone call, then take a couple of extra minutes to pull over somewhere safe and then take a moment to handle whatever you need to do. If the text or call is not significant enough for you to stop driving, it is not significant enough to endanger lives by using your phone while you are driving.

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