What are common medication errors?

What are common medication errors?

When we get sick, we rely on medical professionals to help treat us and make up better. This could be the nurse checking vitals, the physician making a diagnosis, a surgeon completing a surgery and a pharmacist filling a prescription. When medical professionals make mistakes, a patient is likely to suffer. Whether it is a missed step, misdiagnosis, miscommunication or typo, a medical error could impact a patient’s care at various levels.

According to current statistics, roughly 1.3 million people in the U.S. are harmed by medication errors every year. This is considered to be when a preventable event causes or leads a patient to use a medication inappropriately. It also occurs when a patient is harmed by a medication that is in control of a health care professional when it is administered.

What are common medication errors? The most common medication error involves the administration of an improper dose of medicine. This accounts for 41% of all fatal medication errors. The next is giving the wrong drug and wrong route of administration, each of them accounting for 16% of medication errors. Research also found that roughly half of all fatal medication errors involved patients over the age of 60.

If a person suspects medical errors as the cause of harm, patients could take steps to protect their rights. Whether it is a nurse, physician, surgeon or pharmacist, if a medical professional failed to uphold their duties, causing harm to a patient, the patient could hold that medical professional liable. Additionally, compensation could be awarded to address the financial harms and damages caused by the medical errors.

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