What Are My Rights After Being Hit by a Car in New York 

What Are My Rights After Being Hit by a Car in New York 

One of the easiest ways to improve your endurance, your fitness level, and your overall health is by walking every day, a trend that is being picked up by a lot of people who are interested in living a healthier lifestyle. 

If you are hit by a car while out walking will you know what to do?

The injuries that are frequently sustained by pedestrians are typically more severe than the injuries that are sustained when two cars crash into one another, so it is critical that you know what your rights are as a pedestrian involved in a car accident.

Determining Fault

What Are My Rights After Being Hit by a Car in New York 

When a person gets struck by a car, the immediate assumption is that the driver of the car must be at fault. In almost every state, the right-of-way for pedestrians is different. Although it is possible for a situation to arise wherein the pedestrian might be accountable for their own physical injuries. If, however, a car is driving at a dangerous speed or hits you in a marked crosswalk, chances are that the driver of the car will be held liable.

Third-Party Claim

Another element that plays a role in determining if you have grounds to bring a claim of personal injury and are entitled to financial compensation is whether or not you were injured and, if so, how severely. If you were hit by a car but were completely unharmed, then you are not going to be eligible to receive any monetary recovery at all. If you did sustain an injury, however, and the other driver was found to be responsible, you will most likely be able to file a third-party claim

Hit and Run

If a person is struck by a car, the driver is legally obligated to pull over and swap contact information, auto insurance information, and vehicle registration. In the event that the driver who hit you fails to stop, he or she could be found guilty of a hit-and-run accident. 

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