What Can Happen if Your Doctor Misses Your Gestational Diabetes Diagnosis?

What Can Happen if Your Doctor Misses Your Gestational Diabetes Diagnosis?

What is Gestational Diabetes?

The excitement surrounding a pregnancy is celebrated by many people, even by those who are not in the immediate family. With a baby on the way, it’s important to take care of many things, including the health of the mother-to-be. The health of a pregnant woman cannot be compromised in any way, as her health nearly always affects the health of the infant. This is why her doctor must be aware of all of her health needs and be ready to test for anything that may affect her health and the baby’s health negatively.

Gestational diabetes is one of the conditions many pregnant women could end up getting, and it’s a condition that must be cared for carefully. Gestational diabetes is a form of diabetes that occurs only in pregnant women, with a majority of women seeing this diabetes fade away after their pregnancy. Even though it is not long term, this diabetes still needs to be managed closely, and when this diabetes is not managed, it can have long term effects on the baby. It’s important for doctors to look for this illness, because if not, both the mother and child can suffer injuries.

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Issues Associated with Unchecked Gestational Diabetes

When gestational diabetes affects a new mother and is not treated appropriately, some issues that can arise include:

Premature birth: Gestational diabetes can cause a mother to end up having her baby early due to a number of factors. When a baby is born premature, it faces struggles that can cause it to either have complications in life or pass away soon after birth. If gestational diabetes is left unchecked, this issue could become a reality.

Congenital malformation: Blood sugar levels of the mother affect the way a bay is developed. When these levels are left unchecked for too long when a mother has gestational diabetes, they can cause issues for a baby related to formation. Congenital malformation issues that arise with gestational diabetes includes spina bifida, caudal dysplasia, and anencephaly.

Loss of child: In severe cases, untreated gestational diabetes can result in the loss of the child. This situation is the worst-case scenario, and luckily, it can be lessened with good medical care.

This disease is treatable and quite common for those who are pregnant. If you suspect you are suffering from gestational diabetes, call your doctor to get tested and talk about what you can do to better your condition.

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