What do You do When a Driver Gives You False Information After an Accident?

What do You do When a Driver Gives You False Information After an Accident?

After Accident Procedures

The moments just after a car accident are filled with uncertainty and dread. Were you injured? Was anyone else injured? How bad is the damage to the vehicles? Can you move your vehicle? Where are your materials to exchange information? That last question is incredibly important to know since it’s required that drivers involved in an accident exchange their information to ensure that damages and injuries are paid for by the responsible party.

While information may be exchanged at the scene, some drivers decide to give out false information, including fake names, addresses, phone numbers, and even insurance policies. When this occurs, the person injured can end up with no support or financial help for an accident that is not their fault, which can cause many issues for them. Unfortunately, this act happens often, but luckily, there are steps and protocols to help those who have been scammed, and it allows for them to be able to have the best chance of getting the compensation they need from the person responsible.

Following an accident, it’s important to talk with a personal injury lawyer, especially since they can help to track down the person who injured you if you can’t find them yourself.

What to do When Given False Information

When someone provides you false information following a vehicle accident, you will need to follow these steps in order to try to find the driver afterwards:

Make a police report: Since it is a crime to give false information following a car accident in which people were hurt and damages were sustained, the police can help you by filing a report. They may even be able to help track down the persons responsible, which will allow you to be able to get the compensation you need.

Talk with the Department of Transportation: The Department of Transportation, federally and for each state, has all information about vehicles that are in use on our roads today. If you know the make, model, color, and license plate of the vehicle that hit you, you should be able to get information regarding the insurance of that vehicle, which will help you to track down the person responsible and help you with getting compensated.

Talk with your insurance company: Your insurance company doesn’t want to pay for damages and injuries that were caused by another driver. Since they don’t want to pay these damages, they will work hard to get the information you need to contact the people responsible and have many resources from which they can pull. Talk with your insurance to see what they can do for you, which may help you in the long run.

East Coast Vehicle Injury Accident Lawyers

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