What Documents Will Help Me Win My New York Truck Accident Claim

Covington, NY – Accident on NY-63 Results in Injuries

What Documents Will Help Me Win My New York Truck Accident Claim

As with any type of personal injury case, hard evidence is the way to seeing a successful outcome to your New York truck accident claim. While your personal injury attorney is able to collect the majority of this proof without any leg work on your end, you could help expedite the legal process by gathering and bringing any pertinent paperwork with you to your first interview.

Documents That Contribute to Your Truck Accident Claim

What Documents Will Help Me Win My New York Truck Accident Claim

  • The police report
  • Medical records
  • Diagnostic images
  • Hospital bills
  • Photographs of any visible injuries
  • Personal injury journal entries
  • Pharmacy receipts
  • Home care invoices
  • Financial documentation such as income tax returns, 1099s, pay stubs, and statements from financial institutions, which your attorney might use to calculate lost income
  • Quotes or invoices for property repairs
  • Receipts for alternative transportation and other expenses related to your injury
  • Photographs of the crash scene
  • The trucker’s name, phone number, and employment information
  • The names, phone numbers, and insurance details of any other motorists involved
  • The names and phone numbers of any eyewitnesses

Extra Paperwork That Can Benefit Your Truck Accident Claim

Your attorney can take the necessary steps to obtain documents and evidence that might be difficult to access such as:

  • Arrest records (if any arrests were made at the scene)
  • Cell phone records
  • Black box data
  • Driver’s logs
  • Maintenance logs
  • Weight station records
  • Tollbooth receipts

If any of this evidence is withheld, your attorney can file a subpoena to obtain it. Each truck accident claim is unique, so the types of evidence needed to prevail can vary from one case to the next. An experienced personal injury attorney who has successfully handled these claims will know the kinds of evidence to compile and how to use that evidence to give your case the best possible chance of success.

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