What Happens After a Pedestrian Accident?

What Happens After a Pedestrian Accident?

Pedestrian Accidents in America

Pedestrian accidents in America can often end with serious injuries and damages, with the pedestrian often suffering the worst of the consequences of these accidents. Pedestrians hit by vehicles will suffer from injuries, trauma, and long recovery times, making their lives more difficult until they are healed, which can sometimes take months or years.

For pedestrians, the time right after an accident is vital. It is at this time when a pedestrian will need help to make sure that they can recover the best from their accident. When the victim of a pedestrian accident is attended to quickly, they can have someone help them through the confusion and pain that they sustain following the accident, which can attribute to quicker healing times. Helping those in these accidents is important, and it’s something that we all should be cognizant of when we see these accidents.

After a pedestrian accident happens to you, call a personal injury lawyer to help you figure out the next steps you want to take.

What Happens After a Pedestrian Accident?

The events after a pedestrian accident are extremely important since they can mean life or death for the pedestrian who was injured. Any car accidents that involve pedestrians should be treated seriously, as the injuries sustained by a pedestrian can be very serious, even in a low-speed accident. First, the pedestrian should be attended to. One or more people should call 911, while one or two people talk with the pedestrian. Ask them if they hurt anywhere, see if they are bleeding, try to keep them still if they are injured to prevent any further injuries from occurring. Sitting with a pedestrian until they can be seen by a medical professional is important and should be done so that they can be calmer during their ordeal.

Once emergency crews arrive, they will take the pedestrian to the hospital, unless the crews believe that the victim is of sound mind and the victim denies treatment. Many victims will require treatment by medical professionals, and so they will go to the hospital to receive the treatment they need.

Once at the hospital, injuries can be evaluated. Some common injuries sustained in these accidents can include bruises, lacerations, broken bones, internal bleeding, head trauma, and brain damage. These injuries will need to be treated by a medical professional so that they can heal correctly, and it’s important that a pedestrian see a doctor quickly to help them get the care they need immediately following the accident. These injuries can cause a victim to be in recovery for long periods of time, so victims should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

East Coast Pedestrian Lawyers for You

If you were injured in a pedestrian accident, you need to think about what you will do to help to pay for your injuries and recovery, which may not always be covered by the driver’s insurance who hit you. When you are lost in what to do next, call the Law Offices of Robert A. Solomon of Metro Law for help for your case. Our lawyers are ready to help you get the compensation you need to help you recover. Call our office today to see what we can do for you at (800) 469-6476.