What to do After a Motor Vehicle Accident

What to do After a Motor Vehicle Accident

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident can be overwhelming. Victims are often overcome by adrenaline, which can cloud their thinking and prevent them from acting rationally. The actions following a motor vehicle accident can have the biggest impact on whether or not a victim is able to recover compensation for damages resulting from their accidents.

Individuals who are harmed in motor vehicle accidents need to take various steps to ensure their legal rights are protected.

Steps to Take After a Collision

What to do After a Motor Vehicle AccidentAfter being involved in a motor vehicle accident, it is crucial for victims to collect evidence at the scene. If possible, take as many photos as you can. Take photos of all vehicles involved, show the ground conditions, the point of impact, street signs, and other information that lets onlookers know the conditions at the time of the collision.

Collect information from witnesses. You will want to gather names and contact information from witnesses to the incident. These individuals may be valuable for legal claims as they can provide an unbiased view as to what happened at the time of the accident.

Contact the police. You will want to have a law enforcement officer respond to the scene. The officer will generate a police report surrounding the incident and provide a summary of the incident indicating what events took place and who is at fault. You will want to obtain a copy of this as it will help with your legal claim and working with the insurance companies.

Never admit that you are at fault for the incident. Saying that you are sorry, you didn’t mean to hit someone, or indicating any signs of guilt can be used against you by insurance companies and in court. Instead, it is crucial to refrain from taking any fault for the incident while engaging in conversation with anyone at the scene.

Seek medical attention as soon as possible. Even if you do not feel any pain or suffering, you may have injuries with delayed onset. In some instance, adrenaline can prevent victims from feeling the true impacts of a collision immediately. It is crucial to seek medical treatment and have a full body examination performed to determine if and where injuries exist. Seeking immediate medical attention is also beneficial in terms of providing documented information for your legal claim.

Finally, speak with a well-qualified personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Attorneys provide you with the best chances of obtaining compensation and justice for your accident.

Contact an Attorney as Soon as Possible

If you were injured in a collision, due to the negligent acts of another driver, it is crucial that you contact a car accident attorney as soon as possible to ensure your legal rights are protected. At Metro Law, we are dedicated to helping accident victims hold those at-fault accountable for their actions. Contact our personal injury attorneys at (800) 469-6476 to schedule a free case evaluation and see how we can help you.