When Someone Does Not Keep Their Property Safe

When Someone Does Not Keep Their Property Safe

Premises Liability Definition

Premises liability states that whoever owns a piece of property has a duty of reasonable care for that property, which means that lack of care could result in them being responsible for injuries that occur to others on their property. It’s a simple concept, really: take care of your property, so that it does not pose a threat to injure others who come and visit that property.Although this is a task many people both enjoy and perform regularly, there are others who decide not to care for their land, which leaves it in a shape that could be dangerous to others who visit. Being injured when on someone else’s property can be frustrating, and for those injured on another’s property, they often have difficulties deciding whether or not they should seek compensation. No matter the situation, premises liability is a serious legal responsibility, and it’s one that a premises liability lawyer will have no issue helping you with.

What Can Hurt Someone on a Property?

The issues that can cause injury on a piece of property are numerous. Property maintenance is a lifelong responsibility, which means that you should be evaluating your property’s safety at least once a month if not more. Some problem areas on various properties that can cause injury includes:

Broken or decaying stairs: Stairs are a structure that needs constant care and attention. Stairs can face issues such as wood rot; nails that come up and cause boards and other supports to be loose; and warped wood, which can occur after being exposed to weather for long periods of time. Stairs should always be assessed throughout the year for these issues, and wooden stairs should be protected and replaced as necessary to help others avoid injury.

Overgrown walkways: Many homeowners and business owners enjoy keeping their properties beautiful with lush vegetation and flowers. The problem with these additions is that they can overgrow the areas surrounding them, which can include walkways and other paths used to get from one place to another. Overgrown pathways can cause people to trip and possibly become entangled, which can cause severe injuries to those who have weak bones or thin skin. Make sure all walkways are properly trimmed and cared for to avoid these injuries.

Pitted walkways: Just like a road, walkways can suffer from pitted and cracked surfaces. When a pedestrian is not expecting these issues in their walking path, they can end up tripping and falling, which can cause ankle issues, bruises, and possible broken bones. Treating these cracks and pits can help to fix the possibility of injuries and can help make your property safer.

Premises Liability Lawyers

Although we would like to believe all property owners are responsible and caring, it’s simply not the case. Many property owners will allow their properties to suffer, which will increase the chances of you or a loved one being injured while being on the property. At MetroLaw.com, we are ready to help fight for your rights after suffering from an accident that injured you on someone else’s property. We have the experience and compassion you need, and we are ready to fight for you. Call us today at (800) – 469 – 6476.