Which Age Group Has the Worst Drivers?

Which Age Group Has the Worst Drivers?

It may seem like common knowledge that elderly drivers and brand new drivers are the most likely to get involved in or even be the cause of auto accidents. Is that stereotype really correct though? Is there even an age group that has substantially more accidents than any other?

Recent studies highlight a few compelling facts that a lot of people may not be aware of. According to the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration, per capita, the greatest number of accident-related deaths befall people between the ages of 21 and 24 years old. This age group, as well as the age group of 16-years-old to 20-years-old, are at the highest percentage of risk of becoming the victim of a car accident.

The NHTSA study also indicates that female drivers have a much lower fatality rate than their male counterparts. The men, however, had decreased rates of injury when compared to the women drivers. Some additional facts that might be useful to keep in mind are:

  • Teenagers are almost NEVER the number one age group for auto accidents
  • Drivers between 35-years-old and 39-years-old have the highest accident rate in California, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Texas.
  • Drivers who are over 60 years of age are not the deadliest age category in any state in the country.
  • Drivers who are between 20 and 24 years of age are involved in the most fatal accidents in at least 36 states.

Are Middle-Aged Drivers Any Safer?

Which Age Group Are the Worst Drivers?

If I said to you that people who are in their 30s or 40s are past the age of poor decision-making skills like those who are younger, and not yet at the age where they experience decreased physical and mental agility, like those who are older, therefore this age group typically has fewer car accidents than the others, you would probably agree with me. It just sounds right. These, however, are nothing more than vague suppositions and generalities. With very little effort you could find outstanding drivers and terrible drivers in every conceivable age group. 

Some facts that are worth keeping in the back of your mind are things like younger drivers lack experience behind the wheel, they do take more risks on the road, and they are more likely to drive drunk.

Of course, these circumstances nearly reverse as a driver gets on in age. Their driving experience has increased, they take fewer risks, and the likelihood of drunk driving generally decreases. 

Move forward once more to a driver who is now beyond middle age, and we have a whole new world of dangers. Elderly drivers have slower reaction times, even in emergencies, they have degrading eyesight, and might even have issues with their depth perception.

No matter which age group has the most accidents, a consultation with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney will quickly be able to tell you whether or not you have a viable legal case concerning your car accident injuries.

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