Why Do We Text and Drive?

Why Do We Text and Drive?

Texting and Driving Statistics

An issue that has become a worldwide concern is the habits of those who text and drive. According to the National Safety Council, drivers who use their cellphone in any capacity as they drive will cause roughly 1.6 million crashes in the United States alone, meaning that at least 1.6 million people a year are subject to injuries and damages due to these accidents. One in four accidents in the United States is caused by texting and driving, which is a terrifying thought, seeing as these types of accidents didn’t begin to occur until around 2005.

Although many drivers admit that they should not do it, they continue to text and drive anyway, which is simply infuriating for other drivers since it puts everyone on the road at risk. While it seems like a simple task, many just cannot seem to stop the habit. Science tells us that there is a reason behind this behavior which, if we can explore it further, we may more easily understand how to get others to stop, which will lead to safer roads for all.

While there’s no permanent solution as of yet for texting and driving accidents, it’s important for everyone to know that they have help available to them in the form of a personal injury lawyer if they get injured in an accident due to another person texting and driving.

Why do People Text and Drive Despite the Risks?

Why do We Text and DriveSo, why do people find it difficult to stop texting and driving? It’s a difficult question, yet science has found some possible answers to explain this terrible issue. People, as it turns out, are addicted to their phones in a way that is similar to the addiction felt when someone goes to gamble.

In a casino, the lights, music, and sounds have all been designed in a way to increase dopamine levels in the brain, which makes us happier and more likely to gamble. Similarly, studies have shown that those who text have the same reaction with their phone. When someone receives a text message, they must answer it to release the dopamine their brain wants, and so they find themselves reaching for their phone any time a notification sounds, even while they drive.

Other drivers simply do not put together the idea that a phone can cause an accident to happen since these drivers believe that their attention is not off the road long enough to miss anything important. The truth of this thoughts is that if you travel at 60 mph and look off the road for even more than four seconds, you’ve already covered the length of a football field and then some, which is a large distance to cover in such a small amount of time. In this time frame, many things could happen, and an accident in which others are hurt or killed is just one of these possible outcomes.

New York and New Jersey Vehicle Accident Injury Lawyers

When someone is injured due to another who is texting and driving, they may feel unsure of what to do following their accident. Many victims in these accidents are seriously injured, and they will need proper representation in court to get these victims the compensation that they need to help pay for their injuries. At Metro Law, we provide our clients with the best New York and New Jersey personal injury lawyers available in your area, and we know we can help you just as we have helped many before you. Call our office today to see how we can help you at (937) 721-9984.