Why You Can’t Drive While Intoxicated

Why You Can’t Drive While Intoxicated

Drunk Drivers in America

Despite the constant television ads, the roadside billboards, and the magazine spreads warning against it, people will still decide to drive drunk in America. For many, being able to drive drunk is not something they worry about, as they feel that they are able to drive roughly the same as they do while sober. Some will even say they drive safer while drunk so as not to “get caught” by police. Today, drunk driving is an activity that many do not partake in and fight against, but it’s something that does still occur, with terrible and fatal consequences.

In 2016, 10,497 people died due to alcohol related accidents. Many of these drivers and passengers were doing the right thing and following the rules of the road, but unfortunately, following the rules does not mean you are safe from someone else who is not. Drunk driving is an illegal practice that leaves destruction and death in its wake, and it’s something that no one can do well. No matter what some might say, you cannot drive safely while drunk, which science tells us plain as day.

Being injured in a drunk driving accident can cause serious frustrations for a victim. After being injured, talk with a lawyer who can advise you on what you are owed and what you can do to be compensated fairly for your injuries.

Effects of Alcohol on the Body

Alcohol affects our bodies in many ways, many of which compromises our ability to drive safely. When it comes to the brain, alcohol will interfere with the brain’s ability to communicate with the body. When the brain has a hard time communicating with the body, it makes us slower, not as responsive, and can affect our ability to rationally think. All of these aspects are things we need to drive safely, so when they are affected, we cannot drive as well or as safely as when we are sober.

While driving, we need to have quick reflexes to react to changes on the road. We need to be able to respond accordingly to changing aspects as well. If a branch is in the road, is it safer to stop in the lane and move it, pull off the road to move it, or go into the opposite lane to avoid it? Depending on the conditions on that particular road, one option might be better and safer over the others, but when we cannot respond quickly, we may make a decision that’s not the best. Along those lines, being able to think clearly is important too. Swerving to avoid the branch might be a good idea, but what is in the other lane? Is it a blind curve? Is there a hill a car might come over and not see you in time? Being able to think quickly and make the rational decision to keep you and others safe on the road is important, so when you can’t function at that level, you put everyone in danger on that road, including yourself.

Driving requires a clear mind, fast reactions, and rational thought. You cannot have any of these skills while drunk, which means that when you drive drunk, you run the risk of injuring others and yourself on the road, which will result in your victim being injured and, likely, suing you for the damage you caused.

Injury Lawyers Ready to Help You After Being Injured by a Drunk Driver

Being injured by a drunk driver can make a victim deal with a variety of issues that are complex and frustrating. For these people, healing while also having to deal with the complex issues of restoring their lives after their accident can be too much to handle, and so they call upon the help of a lawyer. At the Law Offices of Robert A. Solomon of Metro Law, we can help you get the compensation you need and rightfully deserve following your accident, and we will work hard to make sure you are taken care of as you heal and move on. Call our office today to discuss your case (800) – 469 – 6476.