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Legal Guidance After A Workplace Accident in New Jersey & New York

Even when exercising extreme caution, accidents will happen. This is no different for any type of workplace. When an employee is injured at work, the employer’s workers’ compensation insurer is responsible for providing compensation for the injury.

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Types Of Workplace Accidents in NJ & NY

Workplace injuries can range from minor to severe and can occur in a variety of situations, including:

  • Falling objects: Anything can fall on an employee, from an unstable light fixture or objects on a high shelf to equipment on an elevated construction site. These situations often result in traumatic brain injuries (TBI), even if the proper safety equipment was being worn.
  • Slip and falls: Employers have a duty to ensure that floors are not unduly slippery, spills and leaks are cleaned up in a timely manner and any other dangerous conditions are marked with proper signage. Ankle sprains, broken bones, back injuries, and other injuries can result from a slip and fall or trip and fall.
  • Falls from heights: Scaffolding collapses, ladders malfunction. Any fall from a height due to these or other situations can cause devastating and life-altering injuries or can even be fatal.
  • Lifting injuries: Even with the proper training and support, lifting heavy objects is known to cause back injuries and other types of injuries. It is important that all precautions be taken when employees are responsible for lifting, either in an isolated situation or on a regular basis.
  • Dangerous or defective equipment: Malfunctioning machinery and defective safety equipment are just two of the types of situations where dangerous or defective equipment can lead to body parts becoming caught and amputated or bones being crushed. These situations can also cause spinal cord injuries and fatalities.
  • Motor vehicle accidents: Whether it involved a forklift in a warehouse or a work vehicle being driven off company property, you may have a claim if you were in a motor vehicle accident while in the course of performing job-related duties.
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