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Every year, countless victims are injured on the job in New Jersey. Being injured on the job can have a devastating impact on the life of a victim. Not only are these workers left to deal with the excruciating pain and suffering from their injuries, but they are often forced out of work for several weeks or even months to recover. When victims are unable to work, they are unable to earn the wages they need to tend to their financial obligations.

The sad and unfortunate truth is that accidents can happen on any job and at any time, causing devastation for victims and their families. Thankfully, the state of New Jersey has compensation laws in place to help injured workers collect compensation and various other benefits when they are injured on the job. When victims are injured on the job, it is imperative that they are aware of the legal options available to them.

Worker’s compensation laws in Jersey City are extremely beneficial for injured workers as well as their companies. These laws are in place to protect workers who are injured on the job so they can maintain some sense of normalcy and financial stability while recovering from their injuries. Not only can victims use these benefits to obtain compensation in lieu of wages, but they are often afforded medical coverage and other benefits that allow them to focus on recovering.

When victims are injured on the job, it is crucial that they contact a workers’ compensation attorney in Jersey City as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there are far too many instances where injured workers are denied benefits they are rightfully entitled to. Rather than battling the system alone, contact an aggressive and knowledgeable lawyer at Metro Law to help with your claim. Our team will review the circumstances surrounding your accident and take the necessary steps to ensure you get the maximum amount of compensation and benefits available to you. Contact our workers’ compensation law firm in Jersey City today to see how we can assist you.

What Is Workers’ Compensation in Jersey City?

In New Jersey, workers who are injured on the job may be entitled to compensation during their time off work. The ability to collect compensation and other benefits is provided to workers through workers’ compensation laws in our state. In order for workers to qualify for these benefits, they must have been injured during the course of their regular employment.

Several laws are in place throughout New Jersey that governs how the workers’ compensation system functions. As a result, the filing process can be tedious and complicated for individuals, especially those who have never filed a claim before. In addition to being complex, countless insurance companies take advantage of the fact that a lot of claimants are unfamiliar with the filing requirements and processes. As a result, they will unjustifiably deny claims filed by individuals who are rightfully entitled to benefits. Rather than being treated unfairly by insurance companies, it is crucial for employees to contact a workers’ compensation attorney in New Jersey for assistance. Our team at Metro Law works diligently to ensure victims are able to get the compensation and benefits they are entitled to without the hassle.

Does Being Injured at Work Always Guarantee a Person will Receive Workmans Comp Benefits?

Being injured on the job, in and of itself, does not guarantee a worker will receive workers’ compensation benefits for their injuries. Sadly, there are countless instances where workers assume that they have these benefits available to them regardless of the circumstances surrounding their employment. In our state, workers’ compensation laws dictate whether an individual is eligible for compensation as well as other available benefits.

In order for victims to be eligible, they must provide adequate and reliable proof surrounding the disease, illness, or injuries. The proof must demonstrate that the suffering they incurred as a direct result, or related to, an injury sustained on the job. Our Jersey City workers’ compensation lawyers at Metro Law can help you prove your case so you can collect the benefits you deserve.

What Does an Injured Worker Have to Prove for Workers’ Compensation Benefits in New Jersey?

When workers are injured on the job, they will need to prove that various factors existed in order to determine if they are eligible for benefits under workers’ comp laws. There are various elements that injured workers must present in their claims in order to obtain benefits. These elements include:

  • The employer has a workers’ compensation insurance policy in place to protect workers
  • The injured worker must have sustained their injuries or illness while performing their regular job duties or while carrying out duties on behalf of their employer
  • The worker must provide written notice of the injuries to their employer within 30-days of the date of the incident
  • The worker must receive a medical report regarding their injuries. The report should include the details of their injuries including how it happened, where it happened, and the nature of the incident which caused the injury

Meeting all of the requirements can help you get the compensation and benefits you deserve under workers’ comp laws in New Jersey. Unfortunately, meeting all of the specified elements, again, does not guarantee that an employee will receive benefits without any issues. Insurance companies are notorious for denying claims to injured workers. Even when victims present all the factors that show they qualify for benefits, they may be forced to present further evidence to help substantiate their claims. Insurance companies like to prolong the process in hopes that victims stop applying for benefits. When victims are denied, it is crucial that they contact a workers’ compensation law firm in Jersey City as soon as possible.

What Workers’ Compensation Benefits are Available for New Jersey Workers?

When employees are injured on the job, they may be entitled to various benefits under workers’ compensation laws. These benefits are designed to help victims by alleviating the financial burdens resulting from their accidents and enabling them to get the care they need to properly recover. Some of the benefits victims in Jersey City may be entitled to include:

  • Financial Compensation for Lost Wages: New Jersey workers’ compensation laws allow victims to collect compensation up to 2/3 their average weekly salary. These amounts can range from $246 up to a maximum of $921 a week.
  • Partial Disability Benefits: In cases where victims suffer injuries or illnesses that are partially disabling, they may be entitled to further compensation for their injuries. Working with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney in Jersey City will ensure you get the maximum amount of compensation available by law.
  • Coverage for Medical Treatment: When victims are injured on the job, they are often forced to undergo medical treatment for their injuries. In many cases, injured workers may be entitled to medical coverage for any treatment, surgery, therapy, or medications needed for their injuries or illnesses. Workers’ compensation laws in New Jersey guarantee workers that they will not have to pay anything for the treatment of their injuries.
  • Financial Compensation for Injuries to Extremities: When victims suffer debilitating injuries on their hands, legs, or other extremities, they may be entitled to additional benefits. These benefits are generally preserved for workers who suffer amputations or serious injuries that have a devastating impact on their abilities to perform various duties required of them.
  • Reimbursement for Out of Pocket Expenses: When individuals are injured on the job, they may be entitled to further compensation to cover the costs of co-payments, driving, and other out-of-pocket expenses. Our Jersey City workers’ compensation lawyers at Metro Law work diligently to help victims collect the maximum amount of compensation available for out-of-pocket expenses related to appointments, treatments, medications, bandages, and therapy.

If you were injured on the job, contact our workers’ compensation law firm in Jersey City as soon as possible to get help with your claim.

Common Injuries Sustained By New Jersey Workers

Victims who are injured on the job can suffer numerous types of debilitating injuries. These injuries can have a detrimental impact on workers’ abilities to perform their usual job tasks. Over the years, Metro Law has helped countless victims with claims surrounding different types of injuries, including:

  • Neck Injuries: Neck injuries are some of the most common types of injuries sustained by workers. These injuries often occur due to falling objects, slip and falls, and various other circumstances. Neck strains and whiplash can have a debilitating injury on a worker’s ability to perform common tasks. In some cases, workers suffer from a limited range of motion, pain, dizziness, as well as other debilitating symptoms.
  • Back Injuries: Back injuries occur regularly on the job. Unfortunately, those lifting heavy objects, while utilizing inadequate safety equipment, are at an increased risk of suffering serious and debilitating back injuries. Workers can also throw out their backs and suffer injuries that drastically limit their abilities to perform various tasks required on their job. These injuries often require extensive treatment and surgery.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: Spinal cord injuries are often sustained by individuals who use heavy machinery daily. These injuries can occur under a variety of circumstances and have a devastating impact on a victim’s life. In some cases, spinal cord injuries can result in temporary or permanent paralysis and can require extensive medical treatment. These injuries are often devastating and can have a horrific impact on a worker’s ability to perform the duties of their job.
  • Shoulder and Arm Injuries: These types of injuries are extremely common for workers who engage in repetitive motion activities. Lifting heavy objects and using heavy work equipment can result in crushing injuries. Slip and fall accidents are another common cause of arm and shoulder injuries. Unfortunately, this type of injury can require extensive medical treatment and result in overwhelming pain and suffering. Victims with arm and shoulder injuries are often unable to perform the duties of their job and are left to recover for several months.
  • Leg Injuries: Slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of leg injuries for New Jersey workers. There are also countless cases of workers who have large objects fall on top of their legs and crush them. When workers suffer muscle or tissue damage, or broken bones, they are often unable to work and may have to undergo extensive medical treatment and surgery to recover.

If you were injured on the job, it is crucial that you take the necessary steps toward ensuring your legal rights are protected. Document the incident as thoroughly as possible. Take photographs of the scene of the incident, and notify your employer promptly. Get the medical treatment you need immediately, and contact a workers’ compensation attorney in Jersey City to begin working on your claim.

Why Work with Metro Law

Every day, workers across New Jersey are injured in devastating on-the-job accidents. These accidents often force individuals out of work and result in the need for extensive and expensive medical treatment. For this reason, workers’ compensation laws are in place to protect injured workers and provide them with benefits and compensation they need so they can focus on recovering. Victims should never have to choose between work and getting the care and attention they need.

For over 40-years, Jersey City workers’ compensation lawyers at Metro Law have helped thousands of individuals get the justice and compensation they deserve for their injuries. Our team works diligently to help those harmed at work get the benefits they are entitled to quickly so they can get the medical treatment they need to recover. We understand the difficulties victims face after sustaining on the job injuries, which is why we work diligently to ensure their legal rights and best interests are protected. If you were injured on-the-job, contact our workers’ compensation attorneys in Jersey City at (973) 344-6587 to explore legal options available to you. By scheduling a free consultation, we can begin reviewing the circumstances surrounding your incident and put together a claim that ensures you will get the benefits you are entitled to promptly.