Newark, NJ – Woman Struck by Vehicle on Muhammad Ali Ave

What Are My Rights After Being Hit by a Car in New York 

One of the easiest ways to improve your endurance, your fitness level, and your overall health is by walking every day, a trend that is being picked up by a lot of people who are interested in living a [...]

7.2 Mahwah, NJ – Man Seriously Injured by Saw on Ramapo Valley Rd

Types and Degrees of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are one of the most painful types of injuries that workplace accident victims and car accident victims endure. Serious burns can also be caused by faulty equipment or products that unintentionally overheat or catch fire. Burn Injury Classifications Most [...]

6.25 Somerville, NJ – Two Injured in Motorcycle Accident on US-22

Motorcycle Accident and Injury Statistics in New York City

Maneuvering a motorcycle in New York City amidst rush-hour traffic is oftentimes dangerous and challenging. Additionally, the majority of passenger car drivers and truck operators overlook the fact that motorcycle riders, bicycle riders, and pedestrians are uniquely defenseless in [...]

6.29 Atlantic City, NJ – One Injured in Plane Crash off 13 St Beach

Proving your Medical Malpractice Claim

Not every medical error constitutes a claim for malpractice. It is not enough to simply prove that a doctor, nurse, or another medical professional acted negligently while providing you care. You must demonstrate that you suffered injuries and resulting [...]

Recalls and Liability Surrounding Products

Recalls and Liability Surrounding Products

Every year, hundreds of product recalls are issued in the United States. Recalls involving food and consumer products are issued by the manufacturers or government agencies after a problem with the product is discovered. There are various reasons why [...]

Camden, NJ – Fire on Everett St Results in Injuries

When Burn Injuries Constitute Personal Injury Cases

Statistics show that more than 485,000 fire incidents result in injuries across the United States each year. Many victims involved in these incidents suffer injuries that require medical attention. In fact, more than 40,000 people are hospitalized each year [...]

Newark, NJ – Firefighters Injured in Incident on Frelinghuysen Ave

NYPD’s New “No Report” Car Accident Policy

Last month, the New York Police Department implemented a new policy wherein it will no longer send police officers to the site of minor car accidents in the hopes that this will allow the officers to focus on more [...]

6.25 Brooklyn, NY – One Injured in Fire on St Johns Pl

Personal Injury Checklist for New York Personal Injury Claims

In preparing for a personal injury claim with a successful outcome, there are some mistakes that are commonly made by those seeking legal representation. These common oversights are easy to avoid if you know what they are ahead of [...]

Basic Questions You Should Ask Your New York Personal Injury Attorney 

Basic Questions You Should Ask Your New York Personal Injury Attorney 

Once you have decided that you intend to pursue a personal injury claim you are going to need to hire a personal injury attorney, but before you settle on the first name that comes up in your Google search [...]